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Mobile Spoon Takes On The Nexus One

Thinking of getting a Nexus One? Before you do you should take a read of Mobile Spoon’s review. Too many reviews are done comparing the Nexus to other Android phones, but he’s used a lot of phones in the past and it’s nice to see it viewed relative to other phones instead of in a, Android bubble. And I think a lot of it rings true from my brief hands on with Android.

So how does it hold up? “Performance is so good it makes you forget you are using a smartphone. There is almost no lag time when opening applications and most of the features are working very fast.” On the other hand, “I had to restart the Nexus in 3-4 weeks more than II had to restart my iPhone in 2 years. And my iPhone is totally tweaked too. I found bugs when using multi-touch, answering calls, using the lock screen, and more.”

I’m not going to give away the whole thing, so for the complete point by point review take a read at The Mobile Spoon.