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Mobility Digest Get’s a Face Lift!

Hi Everyone! Just wanted to take a second to call your attention to some changes that I made last night, and will be making across all the websites in the next few days. If you are catching this on our RSS Feed, you will want to head on over to Mobility Digest and check out our new look! We have a brand new theme that I hope you all will enjoy and find easier to use. I choose to stick with a lighter colored theme to keep it pleasing to the eye and easy to read. The new look also incorporates a new section called “Our Featured Articles”. There are four boxes that will highlight our best articles that we think you might find interesting. So the person stopping by Mobility Digest for the first time will not have to look far for our best content! There is still some work left to be done. The Featured Articles will have a unique image instead of the generic one you see now, and the sidebars will get “tabber” style boxes to consolidate content and make things easier to access for you. This will also allow me to add more functionality to the sidebar and showcase our content.

Some changes that everyone should know about. Mobility Digest as I have mentioned in the past, is now our “Parent” Website and all articles will post here first. I have elected not to close Tilt Mobility, Fuze Mobility, or TP2 Mobility and will keep them going for everyone to enjoy great one stop reading for the device they own. With that, original content for the AT&T Tilt and HTC TyTN II unfortunately will not be as frequent as very few left on our team own one, let alone use the device. Fuze Mobility continues to maintain a lot of traffic and we are still supporting the device with original content. Thank you very much for supporting Fuze Mobility! The next website we have for you is TP2 Mobility. Just like Tilt and Fuze Mobility, TP2 Mobility will be all about the HTC Touch Pro 2 and the AT&T Tilt 2. I debated on doing a website for the TP2, but it is an incredible device that is worthy of it’s own website. HTC Sense is just incredible on it! TP2 Mobility is ready to go, but just needs a little house cleaning as it was the development website for the new theme. I will be removing the non relevant articles shortly. So there is all our websites and strategy laid out for you. All articles will be posted to Mobility Digest first and have a lot of other interesting content written by our team that I think you will enjoy. So please bookmark Mobility Digest and visit every 10-15 minutes! LOL, just kidding, as much as possible would be great! And please support our sponsors!! We do not ask for donations and we are but a small community, please check out our sponsors websites and support Mobility Digest!

I know this is long, and I am almost done. The last thing I wanted to touch on is the Social Networking I have set up for Mobility Digest. As the parent site, Mobility Digest is now Twitter, Facebook, & You Tube. So please subscribe or become a friend to our Social Networking outlets! Lastly, you won’t want to miss our Podcast Page! I have exclusive interviews from the biggest names in our Mobile Community! Olipro, Herg, NotATreoFan, Ramon and a lot more. So subscribe to our Podcast so you won’t miss anything! The last thing to mention is our Forums. The Mobility Digest Forums are filled with great information in an easy to use layout. No flaming, no 10K replies to threads, just good discussion and great information! Well, that’s it! Sorry to take so long, but I think it is worth the mention! Please support us. We work really hard to bring you lot’s of Mobility Content and need your help. Support our sponsors and Mobility Digest by checking them out! Thanks again to our AWESOME Team, and all our Readers!