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Mobility Digest iPhone Forums

mobilitydigestiphoneforumsI wanted to let everyone know that we have officially opened our iPhone Forums here at Mobility Digest. We have seen a lot of growth in our readers who are using iPhones and wanted to support our community with a place to discuss everything iPhone related. We already have several writers with iPhones blogging and now we have developer P1Tater who has put together the beginning of Glossary of Terms for anyone new to the iPhone. We will be answering your questions and responding to your suggestions and build a good knowledge base for everyone to benefit from. Of course, if you have some knowledge to pass on to the Mobility Digest Community, please post any tips or tricks for the iPhone you might have.

So head on over to our iPhone Forums, register,  and join in the discussion for the iPhone!

Lastly, we are looking for writers here at Mobility Digest to blog about the iPhone and iPhone related news.  You don’t need to be a professional writer to apply, but a passion for the iPhone and having fun is what we are looking for. So if you are interested please contact us right away!

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