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Mobility Digest looking for more writers, tipsters, and tweeters

It’s been a while since we put out a call for more help and I am once again looking to see of there is any interest out there from our readers who would like to donate some of their time and energy into contributing to our community. There are varying ways to contribute and make Mobility Digest a great place for our readers to stop by. First and foremost we need some writers. Daily news, tips, tricks, or anything mobile related is great to keep the content flowing and the readers reading.

Second we need tipsters. See some breaking news, tip us ASAP so we can share it with the community. Pictures in the wild of devices that are not supposed to exist really make us excited. So send us everything, send us money, or send us nothing, it’s all good, we thank everyone for stopping by anyway.

And third, we need some help with our social media presence. We had a GREAT young Jedi Master who worked his craft and got us going on Twitter and Facebook. Unfortunately, he is no longer with us. Hence the picture. Just kidding, Jagan has gone back to school and has very limited time, but we really want to thank him for getting us this far. We need some more help to keep us going on our social media presence.

Thank you all very much for reading Mobility Digest. We are working very hard to continue to bring you great content. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or interest you might have in contributing, or any feedback you might have to make Mobility Digest a better place for all to enjoy. Lastly, any fabulously wealthy potential patrons in need of a tax write off, just drop me a line as well. LMAO

Thanks again and click here to CONTACT US.