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Mobility Digest Review: AT&T Samsung Captivate Insane Unboxing!

Here at Mobility Digest, we strive to be innovative, original, and thought provoking. I absolutely guarantee that after you watch the following Mobility Digest Review: AT&T Samsung Captivate Insane Unboxing, you will have to innovate a new thought provoking comment to Doug Simmons Original unboxing video. Beyond Doug’s research and development of the Nexus One as a head cam in a hostile 5th floor New York Fire Escape, the what appears to be the underlying reason for shooting this video in the first place was to do a Video unboxing of the AT&T Samsung Captivate which is a variant of the Galaxy S device we have heard so much about. Not to be out done, the same Galaxy S can be found underneath the hood of the T-Mobile Vibrant. Let me throw you a little specification goodness to prime you up for the video!: