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Mobility Digest Review: AViiQ Smart Case for iPad 2

In honor of this past week’s release of the new Transformer’s movie we will be looking at an iPad 2 case that can be described as “more than meets the eye”. AViiQ’s Smart Case for iPad 2 is a shell style case with the ability to convert into a portfolio style one. It works by pairing up with Apple’s Smart Cover to create a stylish folio case/stand for the Apple tablet.

For the their Smart Case AViiQ chose to mimic Apple’s industrial design aesthetic to match the iPad 2 sense of style. By using colors that match the available Smart Cover hues AViiQ created a seamless case design with the Apple Smart Cover pairing.

The Smart Case is thin and light weight to help maintain the profile and heft of the iPad 2. Its aluminum finish makes the user feel that they are holding the actual Apple device and not a shell case.

AViiQ Smart Case for iPad 2

Author: Tom Ratas

Vendor: AViiQ

Price: $49.99

Overall Rating: 5/5


Designed to complement the Smart Cover and protect your iPad 2 in style.

Introducing the long awaited AViiQ Smart Case for iPad 2. Protect your iPad 2 with our case made of rugged plastic encased in a solid aluminum plate anodized to match the colors of the Apple Smart Cover.

Smart Cover Compatible

Complimentary Colors to Smart Cover

Low Profile

Aluminum Finish

What’s in the Box?

The AViiQ Smart Case for iPad 2 comes packaged in a cardboard box with a clear sleeve revealing the back of the case. On the packages back we find some pictures of the case in action along with a blurb about the product.


Inside the package the AViiQ Smart Case for iPad 2 wrapped within a piece of cardboard with the AViiQ logo. The case is composed of ABS plastic and hue matched anodized aluminum measuring measures 9.6” x 7.44” x 0.433”. It is a fairly light weighing in at 4.9 oz. There are six color options to choose from all of which match the Apple Smart Cover color scheme. For today’s review we are checking out the blue version.

This is a shell style iPad 2 case which protects the back and sides of the iPad 2. Looking at the inside of the AViiQ Smart Case we see it is composed of ABS plastic with a camera opening and the AViiQ logo embossed in the center of the case. This plastic wraps towards the perimeter of the back of the case.

The majority of the case’s back is anodized aluminum which is color matched to its analog Apple Smart Cover color. In the center of this aluminum is the AViiQ logo. All of the usual openings and controls are found along this perimeter.

One unusual thing found in the design of the AViiQ Smart Case is the extra space found along the left side of the case. This would seem to be a design flaw as it leaves part of the iPad 2 exposed to the outside world and risk trauma; in reality this is the intended design as this area creates space for the magnetic clasp of the Apple Smart Cover to lock into place.

Impressions / Review:

Installation of the AViiQ Smart Case simply involves snapping the iPad 2 into the case. Removal simply involves finding an edge, popping off one corner and then one other to free the iPad 2.

AViiQ designed the Smart Case with a low profile allowing it to be lightweight and not add too much additional girth to the iPad 2. Since the case weighs only 4.9oz the iPad 2 still feels light and streamlined. The only other case I’ve reviewed for either version of the iPad was lighter and lower profile than the Smart Case was a carbon fiber model for the original iPad.

The Smart Case mimics the feel of the actual iPad 2; thus holding it feels like your gripping the actual iPad 2 not the case. Its industrial design blends with the iPad 2 aesthetic making it feel more like an extension of the iPad 2 than an accessory.

The AViiQ Smart Case can be used by itself as a shell case but was designed to be used in tandem with Apple’s Smart Cover. Adding the Smart Cover is simple as it attaches to the open area along the side of the AViiQ Smart Case. With this simple addition the shell case becomes a folio style iPad 2 case.

The Smart Cover with the AViiQ Smart Case for iPad 2 functions in the same fashion as used without the case. Folding the cover into its triangular conformation allows the iPad 2 to be used as a Keyboard or Facetime/movie stand.

With the AViiQ Smart Case in place all controls and inputs were readily accessible.

In terms of protection the AViiQ Smart Case will keep the iPad 2 safe from scuffs and scratches on its back and sides but is not designed for any major trauma. Unlike other shell style cases there is no padding or shock absorbing material on the inside of the case.

The addition of the Smart Cover keeps the iPad 2’s screen safe from harm which is otherwise totally exposed when using the AViiQ Smart Case by itself. The aluminum back seems like it will get scuffed and scratched over time which is still better than the alternative.


With the Smart Case for iPad 2 AViiQ created a case that looks less like a case and more like part of the actual iPad 2. They used an industrial design similar to Apple’s in combination with hue matching colors found on the Apple Smart Cover to fashion the AViiQ Smart Case.

Using both the Smart Cover and Smart Case create a sleek portfolio style iPad 2 case. Of course the Smart Case can be used without the Smart Cover which then functions as a shell style case. The drawback to this combo usage is you will be paying around $80 for both the case and cover.

Keep in mind the Smart Case is not designed for more severe trauma so if you need a more rugged case keep that in mind. I have been a fan of the Moleskin style iPad case such as the Dodocase and Pad&Quill Cartella, however the low profile look and feel has swayed me to make the AViiQ Smart Case for iPad 2 my full time iPad 2 case for the time being.


+Matches extremely well with the Apple design aesthetic

+Low profile

+Solid construction

+Quality build and materials


-Apple Smart Cover sold separately

-If using with Smart Cover the combo will be an $80 investment

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