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Mobility Digest Review: E-volve Tuff-Shell 10" Tablet or Netbook Case

These days it seems netbook cases do double duty as tablet cases as well. When you’re searching for a tablet case you’ll notice netbook cases come up in your results, and that’s not a bad thing as it offers more choices. Well at least I think more choices is a good thing! Today for review I have a hard case that can be used with a tablet or netbook up to ten inches in size, it’s the E-Volve Tuff-Shell case and it sorts of just like it sounds, a hard shell case. Sleeves for tablets are nice, but I like having a hard shell biter as it offers a lot more protection that just a sleeve will. This particular case is fairly plain looking, basic black really, so you could use it for most any occasion, business or pleasure. The case has dual zippers for easy access and the outside of the case is pretty much spill-proof so it will protect from accidents and of course the weather. The case is good enough to be used on its own, or you can safely toss it into another bag and not worry about damaging the contents.


Author: Kristofer Brozio

Vendor: Gear Zap

Price: £17.95 / $27.30

Overall Rating: 4/5



E-volve Tuff-Shell Netbook Case 10″ – Black

With a high-tech look and solid protection, the Tuff-Shell is as attractive as it is durable. The exterior hard shell is made from a super-strong yet lightweight EVA hard shell that will absorb shocks and prevent damage if your netbook is dropped or crushed. A durable double-zip with molded pullers makes it quick and easy to get access to your netbook, while the interior padding and zipper lip will prevent scratches to your netbook when it’s not in use. The case is designed to accommodate almost all netbooks and even provides enough room for those netbooks where the battery sticks out a little.

This case is ideal for business and casual use and can be carried on its own or to protect your netbook inside another bag such as a rucksack or suitcase.

Key Features
– Ultra-tuff EVA hard shell protects netbooks from damage
– Splash-proof exterior protect against rain and spills
– Soft interior padding prevents scratches and absorbs shocks
– Double-zipper with molded pullers
– Interior lip prevents zip scratches

Case Compatibility
This case is designed to fit most netbooks with a screen size between 10″, however we advise customers to check the internal dimensions of this case are suitable before making a purchase.


This product was provided by Gear Zap for review where you can find Galaxy Note 10.1 accessories and cases for most any device out there.



Impressions / Review:

The case comes in just a plastic bag for shipping, not a big deal it’s not like it’s fragile or anything.


The case is black in color except for the zipper pulls and the E-Volve logo on the front in the corner. The case does have a slight texture to it, and it’s glossy really, overall it does feel sturdy and well made.


There’s nothing special about the back, it’s just plain black.


When you open the case you’ll find a soft lining and padding for protection.

The case doesn’t open all the way as it has material on the sides that prevent this. Not sure what it’s designed this way, personally I’d rather it open all the way.


So the case can fit up to ten inches in size, so I thought I would try my Acer tablet which is 10.1” but it didn’t quite fit. Apparently when they say ten inches they mean exactly ten inches. Every other case of sleeve I’ve owned or reviewed always had a little extra leeway in them, but not this one.


My 9.7” tablet fit just fine. I should note that is extra material inside of the zippers that protects you netbook or tablet from damage by them, this is nice touch.


I also tossed my eight inch tablet in there, but the case is just way to big as they’ve aren’t any elastic straps or such to hold the tablet in place.


That’s another thing, every other case I’ve had has some sort of elastic strap in it to hold your device in place, but not this one.

The case also has no pockets as well, so you take your device with you and that’s it. Then again, the case is more than tough enough to toss in another bag with your other stuff, so a pocket might not be needed, but I’d rather have on than not.



If you’re looking for good and very basic protection for your netbook or tablet then this case could work for you. The E-Volve Tuff-Shell case does offer a lot of protection for the device inside thanks to its hard outer shell and padding inside.

The case is missing any kind of straps to hold your device in place, things that fit the ten inch size might not be an issue without the straps, but smaller items will just move around freely.

The lack of pockets isn’t that big of a deal, I would just prefer at least one myself.

The case will only fit devices up to 10 inches in size, not 10.1, exactly 10 only. I never run across anything designed so exact before, not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing…



+Hard shell for protection
+Looks great
+Seems well made overall


-No leeway, exactly 10” in size
-No straps to secure device inside
-No pockets