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Mobility Digest Review: FlexiShield Skin For iPod Touch 4 – Clear

Hello all, I’m back with a quick review for you of a nice little case for the iPod Touch 4th Gen. The case is from our friends at Mobile Fun and it’s called the FlexiShield Skin. It’s a silicone style case, but it’s not the soft, flexy silicone we’re accustomed to, it’s more stiff. The case offers access to all ports of course and it will protect your iPod from small bumps and scratches. It’s not a bad case for the price I think.

Author: Kristofer Brozio

Vendor: Mobile Fun

Price: £9.99 / $16.09

Overall Rating: 5/5

FlexiShield Skin For iPod Touch 4 – Clear

Crystal case like protection with the durability of a silicone case made specifically for the iPod Touch 4.

Each FlexiShield is made for long lasting protection. They are each made from a special tough gel, which makes it flexible like a silicone but tougher than a crystal case.

Professional enough for work and sporty enough for play. The unique tough gel material provides the ultimate protection for your phone. The rubberized tough gel skin provides protection and extra grip which minimizes the chance of dropping your device. Unique design allows easy access to all buttons, controls & ports without having to remove the skin.

Please note: The FlexiShield skins dont cover the screen of your handset, for the best protection combining the FlexiShield with a screen protector will help to protect your handset from bumps and also protect the screen from dirt and scratches.

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What’s in the Box?

There’s not much to the box really. The case is branded Phonewear, but there’s not much else really listed there.

Inside you’ll find the case and that’s it. It’s not exactly clear, more of a frosted look, or semi-transparent really. The case is a semi soft silicone. It’s not limp like most silicone cases, it’s rather stiff, but not brittle. It has an ever so slight texture to it as well, it’s not perfectly smooth. Of course you’ll find opening for all of the ports as expected.

Impressions / Review:

Installation couldn’t be easier really, just slip it on your iPod Touch and you’re done. As you can see below, you can see the Apple and iPod logos through the case.

All ports are clear and open allowing easy access to everything.

The case itself does feel slightly loose, but it’s only near the bottom port. I’m guessing it’s because the little strip of silicone there is very thin. It’s not a big deal really, it’s not like the iPod will just fall out.

Yes there’s no screen protector that comes with it, but you should already have one on there.


So it’s a case, it offers decent protection for your iPod Touch I think.

The price is about right, similar to other silicone cases out there.

I’m not exactly sure if I like the stiffer style silicone or not; it might be because I’m not accustomed to seeing or using it though.

Overall the case isn’t bad, it works and it fits rather well.


+Easy to use
+Offers decent protection
+Inexpensive for what it does


-Very slightly loose

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