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Mobility Digest Review: HTC External Battery Bank BB G400


I think we all know who HTC is, they make some of the best phones out there I think. Many of my phones have been HTC brand and I’ve been happy with the all, but they make do make more than phones. Today for review I have the HTC BB G400 or the External Battery Back, which is what it sounds like, an external battery to provide extra power to your devices like phones and tablets. The HTC battery pack is very small and portable but it contains a 3000mAh rechargeable battery that should be more than enough to charge your phone a couple times. The battery pack has a standard USB port on it for output power which means you can pretty much charge anything powered by USB with it. So read on to learn more…



Author: Kristofer Brozio

Vendor: Mobile Fun

Price: $60.99

Overall Rating: 4/5



HTC External Battery Bank For Micro USB Devices – BB G400

Always running out of power for your mobile devices? Keep your battery topped up with this HTC External Battery Bank for all Micro USB devices.

Huge 3000mAh capacity powerpack
Give almost any device a full charge with the HTC External Battery Bank for MicroUSB devices. With a 3000mAh capacity, it’s powerful enough to charge any device which has a Micro USB connection. With most modern smartphones having a battery capacity of around 1,500mA, this means you can get more than two full charges from the portable charger before it needs recharging. It also features a 4 LED power indicator, so you always know how much battery you have left.

Maximum output of 1000mA
An outstanding feature of the portable charger is  the fact that it has a maximum output of 1000mA, which means you can use it to charge Micro USB tablet’s easily and quickly

The HTC Battery Bank includes a Micro USB attachment which fits any Micro USB device, from MP3 players up to tablet’s. Giving your device extra hours so you can listen to music, browse the internet, watch movies or play games on your device.




What’s in the Box?


The packaging is rather plain really, a window on the front shows the battery pack itself and then the back has some info listed in several languages.



When you unpack everything you’ll find the battery pack, small plastic bag with USB cable in it and the user manual.



The USB cable is short and one end has a standard USB connection and the other has microUSB.



The front of the battery has the HTC logo and four small dots which are LEDs. The LEDs indicate battery levels, each represents 25% charge. The LEDs are used for battery status and for charging your devices. The pack itself is small and lightweight. It’s about 4.5” tall and 2” wide and less than half an inch thick.



Not much on the back just some certifications and such.



On the right side of the battery is a microUSB connection, this is used for actually charging the battery.



On the left side is a standard USB connection that you use for charging your devices. You can use the included cable or use one of your own. That’s the great thing about this product, no special tips are needed, just a USB cable for your device.



On the top of the battery is a large button which is used for checking the battery status and to start the charging process, or to turn it on.



When you press the button without anything connected it will show battery status.




Impressions / Review:


The first thing you’ll need to do is charge the battery and that’s done over USB with the included cable. As the battery is charging the LEDs will fill up, four of them lit means 100% or fully charged. It did take a couple hours to charge it but it’s over USB so it’s not exactly fast.



To use the battery pack just plug it into your phone or tablet. I used my HTC One, I plugged it in,  pressed the button on the battery pack and then it started charging.



When I started charging my phone it had what appeared to be a little more than half battery charge.


Charging with the HTC Battery Bank takes just as long as over regular USB connected to my computer, but that’s to be expected as it’s pretty much the same thing in terms of voltage etc.

Once the phone was fully charged I checked the battery status and I found there were three LEDs lit, which means I  basically used 25% of the HTC Battery Bank to charge the phone about half way.






All in all the HTC Battery Bank isn’t bad I think, but it’s bit on the expensive side at about $60.

I do like the fact that its small and portable, and it does feel well made. It would have been nice if a carrying case was included, but oh well.

I’ve seen larger capacity external batteries for cheaper, but this is an official HTC product so its pretty much guaranteed to work with your phones and tables surely. HTC makes great phones and the battery pack is the same high quality.

The pack has a standard USB connection on it which is an excellent feature I think as you don’t need any special or expensive tips, as long as you have the USB cable that came with your device you’re all set and ready to go.

Charging is the same speeds as using the USB connection on your computer so there’s no surprise there.





+Small and portable
+Standard USB port
+Works with phone or tablet
+Works with most any USB powered device as long as you have cable


-A bit expensive
-No carrying case



Disclosure: This product was given to me for review by the company for review purposes only, and is not considered by us as payment for the review; I do not, never have, and never will, accept payment from companies to review their products.