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Mobility Digest Review: PRIZM 2-Piece Aluminum Stand for Phones

I’m back with another review, this time I’ve got the Prizm 2- Piece Aluminum stand from Hub Innovations. This stand is certainly unique in its appearance and it can be used with pretty much any phone or small device you own. It’s a very versatile and well made product to be sure. Read on….

Author: Kristofer Brozio

Vendor: Hub Innovations

Price: $24.95 – $29.95
($24.95 for the black version being reviewed)

Overall Rating: 4.5/5



PRIZM 2-Piece Aluminum Stand for Phones

PRIZM stand is a sleek architectural masterpiece, made from aluminum alloys and precious metals. Comprised of two identical parts, no thicker than a pencil, this stand slides together and creates the most versatile stand on the market.

This low-profile stand comes in several anodized colors: green, blue, pink, purple, red, yellow and black as well as premium metals like 14k gold, antique brass, antique copper, antique nickel and carbon fiber.

-Unique and light weight
-Unique Color Options
-High quality aluminum stand

What’s in the Box?

Well there is no box. The reason being is that the official product packaging was not ready at the time they shipped it out to me for review. So, I really don’t know what the box will look like, but I don’t think it matters much right?!

The Prizm arrived to me in a cloth bag with the stand wrapped in styrofoam inside of it.


When you unwrap it you’re greeted with what resemble two futuristic weapons.  They look almost exactly the same except for the slot on them that is in a different place on each one. It’s in two pieces that you can easily put together and take apart for easy storage and transport.


The stand pieces are made of aluminum and are very sturdy. I tried to bend them applying quite a bit of force and they didn’t move. I’m sure applying a lot of force they would, but I think they’re more than sturdy enough to hold your phone, you won’t have to worry about that.  You can get them in several different colors, I got black for my review today. The pieces are very thin, but yet strong, I tried to show you a side view in the following picture.


You put the stand together by sliding the slots into each other, and that’s it, you’re done and ready to go. The pieces fit together fairly loosely, but not too loose. Once you get your device on the stand, the weight of it holds the stand together basically. On the bottom of the stand are two little ‘hooks’ that hold your device in place and then it leans against the ‘points’ on the top of the arcs.


Here’s several other views of the Prizm for you:



Impressions / Review:

I already explained how they go together so no need to tell you that again here. The stand isn’t just for phones, it can be used with most any small devices you’ve got.

I used it with my HTC Titan which is a large phone as we know.





In the horizontal position the Prizm held the Titan very well, nice and stable. Having the phone in the vertical position though made it a bit top heavy, just tapping the top of the phone made it fall over. I’m pretty sure when they designed the Prizm they didn’t have a phone like the Titan in mind being as large as it is. I don’t think the vertical position is that much of a problem with the Titan though, personally I’d have the phone in dock mode and use it in the horizontal position with the Prizm.

Then I used it with my Samsung Galaxy S Captivate and here the Prizm and phone were much more stable in the vertical position. Of course the horizontal position wasn’t an issue here.




You can also use it with your MP3 players like the ZuneHD and the iPod Touch, which I did. The Prizm held them perfectly fine and stable in vertical or horizontal positions.




I then decided to try something even bigger, my PS Vita, the Prizm held it up and stable surprisingly well. The PS Vita is big so you’ve got to get it centered properly, but once you do it works fine.






The Prizm is truly an all around great little stand, it’s extremely versatile so you can use it with most any type of small device you own.

The stand is very well made of strong aluminum so you won’t have to worry about it not being able to hold the weight of your device.

The Prizm is a two piece stand which can easily and quickly be put together and taken apart. When it’s apart it’s very small so you can take it with you or store it in a drawer without the need for a lot of space.

The only small issue with the Prizm is that with much larger phones in the vertical position it might not be very stable.



+Looks great
+Easy to use
+Well made
+Works with many smaller devices, not just phones


-Larger phones may tip over in vertical position