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Mobility Digest Review: Rivacase 5010 10.2" Tablet Bag

Everybody around here is Windows Phone and Apple it seems, I’m a little Android and Windows phone personally, not really much Apple for me. Today for review I have what could be an iPad 4 case or really any tablet up to 10.2” in size like my Acer Iconia A500. The case was provided for review by our friends at GearZap and it’s the Rivacase 5010 Tablet Bag. Bag might not be the right word for it though, it’s more of a case or even a sleeve I think, but it also comes with a strap that is removable. You can use it with the strap like a bag, or without the strap and it’s more of a case. What makes this case or bag or whatever special is the protection it will offer for whatever tablet you might be putting in it. The case features what they call ‘slow resistance memory foam’ which is (big words coming) viscoelastic polyurethane that offers a great deal of protection as it is able to withstand drops, bumps and even possibly being crushed. I wouldn’t run it over with my car though even it if was guaranteed! If you’re looking for protection you can’t get much better than this without adding a great deal more weight as the foam is very lightweight but yet offers a lot of protection.


Author:  Kristofer Brozio

Vendor:  GearZap

Price: £29.95 / $48.05

Overall Rating: 5/5



Rivacase 5010 Tablet Bag 10.2″

Slow resistance memory foam material for ultimate protection
Made from slow resistance memory foam, your tablet will be completely safe being stored and transported in this Rivacase bag. The matte style of the case makes it look great, complementing the device you have inside and whatever outfit you are wearing.

Water-resistant for all-weather protection
Allowing you to carry your tablet around in all conditions, this water-resistant bag is ideal for hassle-free travel.

Internal pocket for accessories
Don’t just store your tablet in here, take your wallet, spare change, documents, stylus, keys – any small accessories – around with you inside the bag! They are kept separate from your tablet meaning the two won’t come in contact during transportation.

Removable shoulder strap
With the option of the removable shoulder strap, you are able to choose what style your bag is when it suits you – changing between a case and a messenger bag.

Dual zipper for quick and easy access
Finished with high quality dual zippers, you are easily able to access your tablet when needed and you won’t have to worry about the zip scratching your device.



Impressions / Review:

The case comes is a zipper style thick plastic bag with the word ANTISHOCK really big across it just so you know what you’re getting. There’s even a hang tag with a sample of the memory foam for you to play with to help you decide if you want to buy it or not.



The case I got for review is black, but I believe you can get other colors. The front of the case is very plain, just the small Rivacase logo in the bottom right corner.



On the back you see a nylon strap with two loops sticking out of it, these are for the included shoulder strap.



The case has dual zippers for easier access and when closed the seam is almost invisible. It’s made this way to help keep water out, it forms sort of a seal to help protect your tablet.



When you open the tablet you’ll find the strap with two spring clips on it that attach to the loops on the back of the case. The strap is a thick nylon and it’s adjustable for comfort.



Once open you can get a better look at the padding and you’ll also see a pocket there for things like papers, pens, a stylus or anything else that might fit.



The padding is very soft and pliable, it’s the foam with a cloth cover of it essentially.



To use it you just slip your tablet right inside and it’s a nice tight fit.  



My Acer Iconia A500 fit just fine in the case, no problems at all, with a little room to spare actually.



You can use the case with the strap or without as I mentioned earlier.



The strap is long but you can adjust it smaller to make it more like a handle.



If you don’t use the strap it becomes a sleeve for your tablet, which is just fine as well. With or without the strap the case will certainly protect your tablet.





If you’re looking for good protection for your tablet then the Rivacase 5010 is what you want I think. This is a case that can really protect what’s inside of it, be it Android or Apple or even Windows!

Personally I have to have a case for everything I own to protect it, I don’t take my tablet anywhere without it being inside of my bag. Tech is expensive so why not protect it.

The Rivacase sells for almost $50, which might seem high, but consider how much your tablet costs and how much it would be to replace it?! I for one would rather spend the $50 and have my tablet safe.

It’s a bag and it’s a sleeve or case or whatever you want to call it, whatever name you use, just know it will protect what’s inside.

You can use it with or without the strap and the strap itself is nice and thick.



+Extra pocket for papers etc
+Includes strap
+Well made case
+Water resistant
+Durable and tough


-None really

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