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Mobility Digest Review: SD TabletWear Advanced iPad 2 Case

Once Apple released the iPad 2 peripheral makers did not waste any time in providing a plethora of related accessories. MobileFun is one site that carries all types of iPad 2 accessories including cases. For today’s review they were kind enough to provide Mobility Digest with one of their best sellers – the SD TabletWear Advanced iPad 2 Case.

This folio style case was designed to be functional as it works with Apple’s Smart Cover technology. Opening the cover wakes the iPad 2 up while closing it puts the device to sleep. OK, it’s a simple magnet that is the magic behind the Smart Cover but still this case includes it, which is a nice feature.

Besides being functional the SD TabletWear Advanced iPad 2 Case is extremely well padded keeping the Apple tablet safely nestled within and away from harm.

Author: Tom Ratas

Vendor: MobileFun

Price: $38 at time of review

Overall Rating: 3.5/5


SD TabletWear Advanced iPad 2 Case – Black

Designed for the iPad 2

This SD Tabletware Advanced case has been designed specifically for the iPad 2, as such it has cutouts for the various ports and features of the iPad 2 including the home button, cameras and the volume controls on the side.

Leather effect material will protect your iPad 2

The leather effect material will protect your iPad 2 from accidental bumps, scrapes and drops, it is a highly durable material which looks like the real deal. The case features complimentary stitching which looks great.

Works in conjunction with the iPad 2 sleep sensor

An innovative feature of this case is that it has built in magnets to work in conjunction with the iPad 2 sleep sensor, simply close the lid and the screen will turn off, conserving your battery life.

Built in stand adjusts to over 20 angles

The case also has a built in stand which will adjust to over 20 different angles, making it easy to find a comfortable angle for you to work with, whether you are working or playing.

What’s in the Box?

The SD TabletWear Advanced iPad 2 Case arrives in a white cardboard package with the case visualized through a clear plastic window. On the back is a description of the product in English, German and French.

The case is available in five colors – purple, white, pink, black and red. For today’s review we received the black version.

The SD TabletWear Advanced iPad 2 Case’s exterior is composed of a faux textured leather material with a black stitch border around its perimeter. Beneath this material is a layer of padding to keep the iPad 2 safe from trauma.

In the center of the case’s front face is a notched plastic section that locks the stand into over twenty different viewing angles. Off to the right side of this face is a closure strap that wraps around to the back of the case and closes with a magnetic clasp.

Also found on the back of the case is an opening for the iPad 2 camera and the fold out stand which rests against the previously mentioned front notches. This stand rests against the case using magnets as well.

Opening the case reveals a velvety inner cover with credit card holder size pockets at the bottom, which are also composed of faux leather material. Although it is nice to carry one’s credit cards or business cards in this area, the addition of a larger pocket for papers would have been a welcome addition.

To the right of this inner cover rests the iPad 2 cradle which like the rest of the case is covered with faux leather on its exterior. On the inside portion is the same velvety material as the inner cover. This cradle locks the iPad 2 into position with a Velcro closure. Cut out along the perimeter of this cradle are openings for all the buttons and connections on the Apple tablet.

Impressions / Review:

This case seems to be designed for a professional look rather than the tech casual style of other folios. At first glance the SD TabletWear Advanced iPad 2 Case looks very business like with its leather exterior; it seems like it would be a good match with an executive attaché. Personally I don’t care for this appearance, as my iPad 2 is not used for business but for personal entertainment/use.

The iPad 2 easily inserts into the cradle and stays in place with the Velcro closure. Removing it involves pulling the Velcro up which is slightly more difficult as it closes behind the iPad 2.

The SD TabletWear Advanced iPad 2 Case definitely adds bulk to the iPad 2’s form factor with its padded front and back covers and fold out stand. Due to its size the case definitely adds some weight to the iPad 2. The cover folds over easily allowing the iPad 2 to be held with one hand.

If you wish to use the SD TabletWear Advanced iPad 2 Case at an angle, simply pull down the collapsible stand up on the back and place it in the appropriate notch on the front cover. The viewing angles range from near vertical for video viewing to slightly tilted for typing at a comfortable angle on the virtual keyboard.

The rear-closing clasp took some getting used to as most folios have front closing clasps. I was frequently picking up the case upside down as I thought the clasp was meant for the front. Another issue with this magnetic clasp was it did not snap into place automatically like most magnetic closures seem to do. The alignment of the button and hole on the clasp was slightly off, this might have been a manufacturing defect specific to this case.

It’s not all bad with the cover on the SD TabletWear Advanced iPad 2 Case as I mentioned that it functions as a Smart Cover waking and putting the iPad 2 to sleep. After using this feature on other iPad 2 cases I did not realize how much I appreciated this capability until I recently reviewed a case without it.


The SD TabletWear Advanced iPad 2 Case is a good folio style case that will protect one’s precious iPad 2. It’s multitude of viewing angles make it an excellent choice for those who watch videos or use their iPads for typing. The inclusion of Smart Cover capability is an excellent addition making this folio even more functional.

However the case is far from perfect, as its rear clasp may feel strange to most folks who are used to front facing versions. Overall the SD TabletWear Advanced iPad 2 Case is a good functional case but definitely not a beauty contest winner, which seems aimed for the business type rather than the casual iPad user.


+Multiple viewing angles

+Well padded

+Smart Cover enabled


-Rear closing clasp


-Magnetic clasp misaligned

-Not very stylish