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Mobility Digest Review: Spb Puzzle

SPB has had a recent onslaught of new releases from SPB Mobile Shell 3, SPB TV, SPB Traveler got updated, SPB Weather 2.0 comes out and I’m sure a WHOLE lot more that I don’t have here.  And as seen from our recent Press Release, Spb has released Spb Puzzle and our thoughts are that its really really good!  First a quick blurb from Spb themselves. 

Spb Puzzle is a classic jigsaw puzzle game, the object of which is to piece together the fragments to form a complete image. Puzzles are said to improve concentration, logic, attention, memory, and imagination. Spb Puzzle lets you play the time-tested jigsaw classic on your phone – anytime and anyplace.

Key Features

· Versions for Pocket PC (Windows Mobile professional) and Symbian S60 with touch screen
· High-quality graphics and easy to use finger-friendly interface
· 10 pre-installed puzzles in “Classic” pack
· Create your own puzzle from any custom image or photo camera
· More great puzzle packs available for FREE download directly from device or desktop
· Difficulty levels are fit for all ages – from child to senior
     o Size of the puzzled images is more than that of the screen
     o Number of pieces – from tens to hundreds
     o Preview of the pieced together puzzle is available at any time
     o Jump movements over the game field

· Haptic response (vibration) on correct placement of pieces
· Pause and resume your game anytime. The end-call button saves and closes the game
An informative description of image if provided once a puzzle is solved

So, where do we go from there? Follow the break for a picture INTENSIVE review of Spb Puzzle.

If you’re a puzzle person, you’ll love it and I’m not a HUGE puzzle person but I like it a LOT!  By default you start off with one puzzle; the Annunciation seen below in before, puzzled and finished versions :)  And from there (once you finish it) you unlock a second puzzle (which is all you get from the free version).

Also afterwards you get a little blurb about the puzzle and what the artwork is.  There are 10 puzzles in the game by default but don’t worry you can load up custom puzzles!  and also download puzzle packs from SPB’s website!  But you need to buy the game to do that!  Right now they have Crazy pack and Flower pack.  Just fair warning, the size of the image tells you the size of the puzzle! so a picture taken with your camera phone WILL be big! even on “Easy” difficulty.  So i chose my dinner from the other night (yes i took a picture!) and LOOK at all the pieces on EASY!   On Hard level the pieces look the same size, but the board is much bigger. 

The movement is very smooth and moving the pieces around the board are very easy, even for my sausage fingers!   Something that I would like is a zoom option, but that would make the pieces very small and hard to use.  So, go get it, try it and let us know what you think! the game is great, moves very smooth and the haptic feedback when you put the right piece in its place is very nice.  Its good for children and adults alike! Below you’ll find MORE pictures. 

You can download the game here.

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