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Mobility Digest Review: Toddy Gear: Toddy Smart Cloth

The fingerprint is the natural predator of the shiny electronic gadget. Touch screens and piano black finishes are the most susceptible victims. Although the shirt wipe is a temporary relief measure, it generally does not clean off a touch screen but more often just evens out the fingerprint grease film.

Today’s review item was designed specifically to clean electronic surfaces while adding a feature to protect both the device and user. The Toddy Smart Cloth is a microfiber screen cleaner created to keep even the most sensitive surfaces scratch free while offering an antimicrobial coating.

Author: Tomas Ratas

Vendor: Toddy Gear 

Price: $9.99

Overall Rating: 5/5


Toddy Gear: Toddy Smart Cloth
Carefully handcrafted microfiber cloth provides effective, scratch-free cleaning for your iDevices, screens, lenses and more, and is offered in a plethora of fashionable designs

  • Functional and fashionable toddy cloth built for cleaning extremely sensitive surfaces including iPhone, iPad, TV’s, glasses, cameras, etc.
  • Protected with the AEGIS Microbe Shield® technology – a durable, environmentally friendly way to instantly wipe away dirt and smudges
  • Dual-sided cleaning: Plush microfiber material on one side to clean and a distinctively patterned silk microfiber on the other side to buff and polish
  • No messy/damaging sprays or fluids necessary
  • Features an antimicrobial coating, protecting the cloth against microorganisms that contribute to mold, mildew, and other negative effects
  • Four different collections include a total of 42 vibrant print and pattern options, guaranteeing a trendy choice for everyone  
  • “Brand your Toddy” now available, imprint your Toddy smart cloth with your own logo


What’s in the Box?

The Toddy Smart Cloth sample we received arrives without any fancy packaging. The retail version may come with a small package indicating the Toddy Smart Cloth’s features, but it is just a cloth and hopefully Toddy Gear will be environmentally friendly and ship it with minimal to no packaging.

Impressions / Review:

Aesthetically the Toddy Smart Cloth looks nice with its pattern found on the silky microfiber side. It comes in numerous patterns although they seem skewed towards the female demographic, hopefully they will add some more darker hues and patterns aimed for the XY set.

Functionally the Toddy Smart Cloth works as advertised. Its plush microfiber material on one side and a silky microfiber on the opposite side safely wipe down the smudgiest of electronics.

What differentiates this cloth from other microfiber screen cleaners is the built AEGIS Microbe Shield technology. This antimicrobial coating protects the cloth from microorganisms and helps clean those microscopic menaces off your device.

Here are some before and after pictures of my iPhone 4 before and after using the Toddy Smart Cloth. It not only cleans the fingerprints but helps remove the finger grease.


The Toddy Smart Cloth works well, cleaning smudges off various items such as my iPhone 4, iPod Touch, Canon camera display screen, MacBook Air screen and more without a scratch to their delicate surfaces. It does its job well and looks pretty nice doing it.

Toddy Gear offers the Toddy Smart Cloth in a variety of patterns to suit your aesthetic and style. It is currently priced at a reasonable at $9.99 on their website. If you own a touch screen device then the Toddy Smart Cloth will be something you will not want to live without.


+ Cleans all types of screen

+ Microfiber finish

+ Anti-microbial coating


– Patterns seem aimed more towards the female demographic

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