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Mobility Digest Review: XtremeMac Genuine Leather Thin Sleeve for the new iPad

For those folks who like to use their New iPad “naked” then today’s review item is an ideal way of keeping the Apple tablet protected during transit. The Genuine Leather Thin Sleeve for the new iPad from Xtrememac is a great way to maintain a professional looking appearance while keeping your iPad safe from dirt, dust and scratches.

Author: Tom Ratas

Vendor: Xtrememac

Price: $79.99

Overall Rating: 4/5



Genuine Leather Thin Sleeve for the new iPad

Perfect for business professionals, XtremeMac’s Genuine Leather Thin Sleeve for the new iPad is an ultra-slim, fully protective sleeve. Featuring a soft, micro-suede interior, the Thin Sleeve guards the new iPad screen against scratches dust and dirt and features a magnetic closure to keep the new iPad in place while the unique interior pull-out tab allows for easy removal of the device. MSRP: $79.99

Thin is in like never before with the form-fitting XtremeMac Thin Sleeve for iPad. From its magnetic snap closure and easy pull-out tab, to its high-end design, it carries the inventive features and refined look that make it a must-have iPad accessory for today’s fast-moving executives.


• Ultra-thin sleeve offers full-coverage protection

• Interior pull-out tab allows for fast removal of your iPad

• Soft, micro-suede interior guards screen against scratches, dust and dirt

• Rich, smooth black leather design communicates quality and professionalism


What’s in the Box?

XtremeMac’s Genuine Leather Thin Sleeve comes packaged in a white cardboard box. On the front is an image of the sleeve along with an opening on the right side with the sleeve exposed. The back of the package provides a product description in six languages along with another photo of the accessory.

Thin Sleeve01

Inside of the box we find the sleeve with a foam support to help keep its shape during travel.

The Genuine Leather Thin Sleeve for the new iPad is composed of a soft black leather with black stitching around the perimeter.

An opening at the top allows the New iPad to slide into the sleeve. A magnetic closure snap keep the New iPad locked into the sleeve. A silver Xtrememac logo is found on the front of this closure.

The back of this closure slides up to easily remove the iPad from the sleeve.

The interior of the Genuine Leather Thin Sleeve for the new iPad is a gray suede material. On the inside front of the sleeve we see an embossed Xtrememac logo.


Impressions / Review:

The Genuine Leather Thin Sleeve for the new iPad is one of those accessories where "what you see is what you get". The New iPad slides right into the sleeve and is held in place with the magnetic strap.

Removal of the New iPad involves pulling the strap upward to bring the Apple tablet out of the sleeve, or you can just pull the New iPad out of the sleeve by reaching into it.

Xtrememac selected a nice leather material for the case which is soft but durable. The inner micro-suede material should keep the user’s New iPad safe from scratches.

The Genuine Leather Thin Sleeve for the new iPad is solidly constructed and seems like it should last for a long time or until the next version of the iPad is released. There is really nothing negative to say about this product.



For those looking for a professional way to carry one’s New iPad then the Genuine Leather Thin Sleeve from Xtrememac is a nice way to go. It is a bit on the expensive side but it is made using quality leather as opposed to the pleather material some other accessory makers use.

The Genuine Leather Thin Sleeve for New iPad is not very thick so it will mostly provide protection from dust and dirt as opposed to trauma. It is not designed to serve a dual function as a stand for instance. It’s just a nice looking well designed sleeve.



+Soft quality leather

+Snap magnetic closure

+Micro-suede interior

+Quality build