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Mobility Digest TBT – Top Ten “I’m a Mac and I’m a PC” ads

I am a sucker for good marketing and some of the best was done by Apple with the “I’m a Mac” series they did with a Steve Jobs sort of look alike and a Bill Gates sort of look alike. The ads are hilarious and poke a lot of fun at the 800lb Gorilla Microsoft. So I can across this on YouTube and thought it would be a perfect “Throw Back Thursday” edition. Check out the top 10 “I’m a Mac and I’m a PC” ads and Happy #TBT

#10 Stuffed (2007)

#9 Self Pity (2006)

#8 Elimination (2009)

#7 Choose a Vista (2007)

#6 Legal Copy (2006)

#5 Time Traveler (2009)

#4 Surprise (2009)

#3 Restarting (2006)

#2 Bean Counter (2008)

#1 Broken Promises (2009