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Mobility Digest’s 6 Weeks Of Reader Appreciation Giveaways!

I never did a Mobility Digest “Grand Opening” because of the length of time it took to get the website the way I wanted it and fully develop the plan we would use for all the websites. I posted last week about how all the websites interconnect with one another (Read Here) and how going forward Mobility Digest would be our primary website and be the name on our Forums. We will not however take our eye off the ball with Tilt Mobility and Fuze Mobility! As a matter of fact we are in the planning stages of our third “niche” website that will be devoted to the Touch Pro II and Diamond II devices! So stay tuned for more on that!

With all the success we have enjoyed, we decided to give back to our community with “6 Weeks Of Reader Appreciation Giveaways!” We want to thank you for making all our websites and forums a huge success, so we got a bunch of prizes together to give away! Some stuff will be as easy as posting a comment, other giveaways you may have to work a little harder for, but it’s all free, and it’s all good stuff! Check out what we have for you:

Week 1: Software from Vito Technology

Week 2: Software from Illium Software

Week 3: Two SanDisk 8gb Storage Cards from Herg’s Corner

Week 4: Software from Spb Software (Yes, it’s Mobile Shell 3.0!)

Week 5: Accessories from our friends at

Week 6: Accessories from the Fuze Mobility Store Sponsored by Mobility Digest

So as you can see, we got some good stuff to give away!  You’ll want to stay tuned because I am going to start the first giveaway tonight for week one from Vito Technology!

Special Thanks to our own Matt Chapman for the Reader Appreciation Image!