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MobilityDigest Review: Spb Geo Game

Spb has had a recent onslaught of games and applications from Mobile Shell to Spb Puzzle.  And their newest game doesn’t fall short of their high standard; Spb Geo Game.  Just today we reported that Spb released Geo Game and here is our review.

It is a simple "match” game that makes you either match a flag to a country or a capital to a country.  There are ways each game are played.  You either get a picture of a Flag and match it to 1 of the 4 countries or 1 country and pick the flag.  Then you can either pick the capital of a group of 4 countries or country out of the 4 given capitals.  The best way I can show everyone the features is by Spb’s own video:


As you can see, the game is pretty simple and fun so I would definitely recommend giving it a try out!  And at $4.95 its even worth a buy! You’ll be able to easily trick your kids into learning the capitals and flags of the world!  The game runs VERY smooth which is what we’ve come to expect from Spb.

Some of the bugs/updates that are kind of irrating are that for me the clock has disappeared a couple times and there is no continuous score which would be nice, but both of those are NOT deal breakers.

Remember… No one wants their kid turning into Miss Teen South Carolina