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MobilityLeaks: Binders Full of Pageviews

On 01/23/13 David K wrote: Any way to share a WiFi connection in WP? Internet sharing doesn’t work – its cell data only. This place charges per device and I’ll make my surface public but if prefer to pay them for a single device. Thanks


Stephen Mesik: There is a virtual WiFi adapter in Windows 7 and 8 that can do that with a network bridge to your “real” physical adapter. I don’t remember if it’s in RT.


David K: When I connect on the Surface of asks if I want to share. I presume that will work fine but that means I need both phone and surface…i need to have phone access and im not going to carry the surface all day just for that.


Stephen: I understand what you mean. But yeah, there is no Wifi-to-Wifi bridging in WP that I’ve ever seen, even in homebrew.


Doug Simmons: C’mon fellas figure this shit out. Binders full of pageviews if you do…



… to be continued, readers?