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MobiWee Available For WM

image Just saw this on Marketplace. Just take a look at the features (and remember, it’s free):


By logging in to, users can remotely locate their lost or stolen phone, forward it to any number, retrieve any file, media, or contact list, and then lock, wipe, encrypt, or delete certificates (for the prosumers out there) – so no one else has access to the device’s sensitive data or SD card, even if the SIM card has been replaced. MobiWee also reduces the hassle of phone upgrades by facilitating Exchange, POP3/IMAP email configuration. Just log in to, click on the email icon, and send your email settings to your device over the 3G network or Wi-Fi. Additional convenience comes in the form of SMS messaging: send and receive SMS messages that come to your phone while you work, no matter where your phone is.


  • Locate Your Device:MobiWee location services will keep trying until it finds it
  • Manage/Backup your Contacts: Remotely backup, restore, delete or add a new contact to your device
  • SMS: Send, receive, copy and paste messages to one or more contacts directly from your computer
  • File Management/Transfer: Manage and transfer files from any computer to your mobile device and back
  • Lock/Wipe: Defend yourself against identity theft with the remote lock/wipe

The WM app is very simple and has almost no features except for settings. The web interface (shown in the pic) is pretty simple as well. I did fool around with it a bit and was able to set a speed dial, find the location of my phone remotely and then restart my phone remotely. The interface is lacking a bit and you have to send a request and wait for the action to occur (which requires your phone to sync with the server which happens at intervals you select). If you get into this app share your thoughts.

You can get this from Marketplace or grab the cab directly here. You also need to create an account at