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Mobliza Improved Text Messaging Refreshed

You may remember when we first discussed the application Mobliza. For those of you who don’t it’s an application that helps you respond to texts in a better way. I’m going to cheat and use portions of my original post but there are some new additions to Mobliza that I’ll get to as well so stay with me:)

Fundamentally Mobliza does two things. The first is that it automatically responds to text messages on receipt. It has a series of preset phrases that you can set like “Hey Doug, I’m driving right now I’ll get back to you later”. And yes, it automatically plugs the name in for you and responds without needing any prompts.  It comes with a lot of preset responses to help you out.You can also make your own preset phrases and you can insert variables that it will fill in for you like date, time, and sender name by inserting %d, %t, and %n in the message.  This alone makes it a worthy app.

The second thing it does is carry on a conversation for you. Yeah, you heard me right. If someone sends you a text it will automatically respond for you and the responses are based on what was written to you. So if someone writes “Are you trying to be smart?” it will respond with something like “Why would you ask me if I’m trying to be smart?” It’s a pretty novel idea and it works well in practice. In fact, I accidentally left it turned on and someone was texting with me without me realizing it and they didn’t know it wasn’t me:) With that said, it doesn’t read your mind so don’t expect it to make weekend plans for you:) If nothing else, the entertainment value is pretty high.

As for some new features, there were various bug fixes and compatibility was improved but the biggest feature change is the ability to assign a custom away message to contacts. So, by simply adding the away message in the ‘notes’ section in any contact’s outlook you can set up a custom auto response. So, your boss and girlfriend can be treated differently…which for most of you is a good thing (hey if you treat them the same that’s you’re thing, not mine:)). In reality, this is a really nice feature and very useful in practice since you likely want to keep work and personal contacts segregated.

And to make sure that you’re happy with the app the developers have set up a custom forum located at for support, feature requests, etc and I know they want to hear your feedback there. These aren’t the type of guys to release an app and disappear as you can see from their longstanding commitment to re-developing this over time.

One other change is that Mobliza has joined the Marketplace. You can now find it here for just $1.99 and considering the changes that it’s undergone and the functionality that it provides it’s still a great deal and again, just the price of a cup of coffee. It’s a neat little app so if you try it out share your opinion with the group.

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