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Monitor Your Home From Your iPhone and iPad with new HomeMonitor

I’m big on security, specifically cameras and the ability to monitor them while I’m away. In fact I’ve done larger scale 32 camera systems for businesses, but I also have them for my home as well: just a few cameras to see what’s going on when I’m not there and when I am there. It’s great if my kids are outside as I can see what they’re doing without having to be out there with them and they seem to know I’m watching so they’re on a little better behavior. So a new service and camera system has come out specifically for your iPhone and iPad and it’s aptly named HomeMonitor and it includes 48 hours of cloud storage and of course remote monitoring.


Being able to connect with what is most important to you, wherever you are, is a necessity for many people nowadays. HomeMonitor(TM) is a new secure cloud camera service that makes it easier than ever for people to do just that – be it to monitor their home, watch over loved ones or secure belongings.

HomeMonitor(TM) is a new ‘plug & play’ monitoring system which offers a simple and connective system for people to watch their stuff from any device, anywhere. Users can now see and store events when using any internet-enabled computer or smartphone, keeping them in touch with whatever matters most.

Setup involves connecting the dedicated HomeMonitor(TM) camera to a home network, through Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable, creating an online account, and that’s it – your camera is setup ready to be viewed! Absolutely no technical knowhow, or fiddling with router settings, is required – setup can even be done direct from a tablet or smartphone, so not even a computer is needed. It’s a quick and simple way to watch whatever you want.

Uniquely available for both inside and outside installations, HomeMonitor(TM) comes with free secure online storage with every account, so every movement captured over the previous 48 hours is saved directly to your own personal online account. Ready to go directly from the box, no computers needed, no hard drives required, no tapes to change, everything that has happened will be stored for free, & accessible from anywhere.

HomeMonitor(TM) uses the latest and greatest technology to ensure the highest quality video, maximum connectivity and Wi-Fi range. Every camera connects through a home Wi-Fi network and uses bandwidth-friendly H.264 compression, plus the latest Wireless N network, assuring users that they are using the best possible technology available.

What’s more, HomeMonitor(TM) is full to the brim with its own amazing features, including Smart Buffer(TM), a clever pre-recording function so you never miss an important event, and View & Review, which offers simple access to all your saved clips from any device, so you are always in control, no matter where you are. In addition, every HomeMonitor(TM) account includes unlimited motion detection email alerts with smart logic and bank level security.

HomeMonitor(TM) is a super easy, all-in-one solution that users can get working in minutes. It offers an instantaneous system out of the box which requires absolutely no technical knowledge or intensive setup; perfect for those who want remote access to their lives without feeling like they need a degree in computing. This intuitive, compact and smart solution now offers assurance and security for all those looking to connect to their world, where ever they may be. It’s seeing your stuff – made simple.

The two cameras available for use in the service are HomeMonitor(TM) Indoor priced at GBP199 RRP, and HomeMonitor(TM) Outdoor priced at GBP299 RRP. The HomeMonitor(TM) free service package, offering 48 hours of free online storage, unlimited email alerts and up to 2 cameras per account, comes as standard with all cameras, with an upgrade packages available for more cameras and more storage based on simple one-off fees, no subscriptions or recurring payments.

HomeMonitor(TM) is available now from