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More On Windows Mobile 6.5: Widget Engine

I know you have all read the complaints from a lot of websites about Windows Mobile only getting a dot upgrade instead of a full blown new release. I must admit that I too am disappointed. But I am not too disappointed to overlook some of the goodness we can expect in Windows Mobile 6.5. One of the cool things will be a Widget Engine. The Microsoft Windows Mobile Widget Engine will allow applications based in HTML and Java to run without having to use the “chrome” or what would appear to be a browser with the IE Menus, etc.

These applications would all be compressed using a (dot) Widgets extension. Currently Windows Mobile 6.5 comes equipped with three applications making use of the Widget Engine, Live Search, MSN Money, and MSN Weather. Don’t look for development to stop there, there is tons of possibilities for the Widget Engine because of how easy it would be for developers to create applications to make use of it. When Windows Mobile 6.5 finally rolls out, look for these Web Based Applications to start pumping out and make use of the Windows Mobile Widget Engine.