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My Phone by Microsoft in Public Beta

Well look what we have on today’s menu… My Phone by Microsoft.  This  is a alternative syncing application that Microsoft has developed.  The idea is that you have online access to files that have been synced from your current mobile device.  So let’s say that you update your phone (anything with a Tegra chip will do) then you can now restore all of these precious pieces of data onto the new device.  What precious pieces of data you ask… follow after the break.

So here is a screen shot from my Tilt. (Ok stop laughing, I’ll be getting a new device soon.)  This is the options screen that shows you what you can sync.  Notice that if you are synced to an Exchange server like myself, you will not be able to sync: Contacts, Calendar or Tasks.

Now a view of the your Home Page for My Phone…

Here’s a look at the Photos section…

Now pretty much every content section follows this page pattern.  You can see all of your files that are in the directory and whichever one you have selected you have a couple of actions to take on the file: Download, Archive to Web, and Delete.  (located on the far right of the window)

Example of the Music directory…

Now I now I’m not showing all of the different sections, but they are all structured the same.

Ok this is the point that I put in my 1 cent (hey bad economy).  I think this is a great idea whether you use ActiveSync or not.  As you can see it’s a nice PIM backup for all of your personal data.  I for one don’t usually back up my Text messages, but it is a nice idea.  So if your looking for another back up option for your mobile device and have web access to those files, then give this app a look.  If you need a hand holding walk through on how to set up then take a look here.