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NetFront Browser 4.0 Available To Download

Wow I just got a great email. NetFront 4.0 is available. I’ve long been a fan of their browser. Here are the details:

ACCESS has announced NetFront Browser v4.0, the latest version of NetFront Browser for mobile handsets and Internet-enabled devices. A concept version of NetFront Browser v4.0 for Windows Mobile is now available for free download from the ACCESS website. NetFront Browser v4.0 boasts JavaScript execution performance that is twenty times* faster than the JavaScript execution performance seen in NetFront Browser v3.5. NetFront Browser v4.0 delivers a significantly better browsing experience overall but especially for websites that make heavy use of complex JavaScript. Complex Web applications that make heavy use of JavaScript are becoming more prevalent in the new age of cloud computing. NetFront Browser v4.0, with its super fast JavaScript engine, supports even the most complex Web applications. Download NetFront Browser v4.0 for Windows Mobile Concept Version today. * Based on ACCESS internal SunSpider benchmark JavaScript engine testing for Windows Mobile as of January, 2010. ========================================================================= [NetFront Browser v4.0 for Windows Mobile Concept Version] Supported OS: – Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC (English, Japanese) – Microsoft Windows Mobile 6/6.1 (English, Japanese) Restrictions: – No technical support is available for this concept version – The trial period for this software expires on June 30, 2010 [Learn more about NetFront Browser v4.0]

Downloading now. Share your thoughts if you try it.