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Networks Blocking Access To Google TV Streams

It will be interesting to see where this is all headed, but WSJ is reporting that ABC, CBS and NBC are blocking their content from streaming on Google TV. This is despite the fact that you can go online right now and watch the content for free and other platforms, like the iPad, have built in apps just to provide this sort of free content. Google has no control over this as they’re not paying for the content so they, and Google TV users, are at the whim of the networks. Still, this all questions if the networks are trying to make a dime or are just trying to prevent Google (or maybe Sony/Logitech) from profiting off of their content. Regardless, this, along with the Hulu ban, show an Achilles heal to this Google TV and this type of setup in general. As much potential as it may have, the free services provided are not guaranteed so if the content providers pull the content…well you just have a new shiny box on your hand to get YouTube onto your tv.

How do you think this plays out and what do you think is behind the ban?

via Engadget