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New Angry Birds Levels for iPad and iPhone–But You May Want To Hold Off on Downloading Them

I just saw that there are now new levels available for the iPhone and iPad versions of Angry Birds. What’s new?

It’s a beautiful day at the beach… til the pigs show up! Can the Angry Birds rescue their eggs in time to have some fun in the sun?
Puzzle your way through 15 tropical levels!
New beach theme is so sunny you’ll get a secondhand tan!
This will be major update and here are some of the new features:
-15 new levels.
-UI and gameplay improvements.
-New animated tutorial.

What’s wrong? Here are the iPad reviews of the new update:

Can’t play

by Loyal Perry

The update crashes on startup

Angry birds HD

by LSpoon

Updated the current release, 2.1.0, including the summer level, and it will not open. 🙁

Aesthetically pleasing, but it crashes.

by Caleb Mauk

Alright this app is aesthetically pleasing, except for the fact that it has crashed each of the seven times I have tried to launch it after the update was applied. I would appreciate an explanation, solution, or triple my money back.

The iPhone version is fairing better but with only three reviews one of them is this:

Lost all the completed stages i had

by MMachuca

I never even deleted this app, just downloaded today the update and now all stages are at 0.

Maybe you should be patient here and just wait for 2.1.1 to hit.