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New Celio RedFly Drivers Released

Celio has been releasing updates to its beta drivers for the RedFly to allow a better experience with the Touch Pro, Fuze and Diamond and finally seem to make some progress with TF3D. If you don’t know what RedFly is, it’s an instant on laptop with no operating system, so it’s just a screen and keyboard to add additional functionality to your phone. Here are the release notes on the latest release:

Change List – 3/19/09 It is important to note that this version of the REDFLY driver ( has significant changes from the last beta build ( and it is necessary to update both the phone and the REDFLY to insure proper compatibility.

    The primary changes in this build are:

  1. A new compression mechanism has been implemented and it is found in a new tab in the REDFLY settings called Compression. This compression is turned off by default, but if you primarily connect via Bluetooth, we recommend turning this on. To do this, check the box that says Enable loss compression. This will slightly reduce the image clarity on your REDFLY while significantly improving the performance speed of the data transferring between your phone and the REDFLY.
  2. Several improvements for the Touch Pro, Diamond, and Fuze phones have been implemented which significantly improve the interaction with TouchFLO as well as the phone dialer. If you normally have TouchFLO turned off, the longer delay to load the screen has been eliminated and assorted issues with Font size changing on the phone have been corrected. The larger-sized tool and menu bars however have not changed, and will most likely be released as they are now. We continue to work with HTC on this issue and perhaps a solution will become available in the future.
  3. The Epix camera no longer hangs when launched (in a REDFLY session).

The latest drivers can be installed from here. Thanks to wgary who pointed this out in our forums.