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New, Free GoPayment Credit Card Reader Now Available

Now this is rather cool. All the other portable phone style card readers I’ve seen are large and bulky, this new one from Intuit is nice and small and seems easy to use and best of all it’s free. You can sign up at GoPayment and get the reader for free, and it’s actually free to use for small volume purchases, except of course for the card fees while using it. There is no monthly fee for small volume businesses, that’s not too bad I think.

-Intuit Inc.’s newly designed GoPayment card reader is now available for free at

Designed for small businesses and anyone who sells products or services on the go, the new GoPayment card reader is a compact, cylinder-shaped device that fits into the audio jack of a mobile phone or tablet. It works with the GoPayment app to help users maximize sales by quickly and accurately swiping a credit or debit card instead of entering data manually.

The GoPayment card reader increases the accuracy of each card swipe and offers best-in-class, end-to-end encryption to protect a customer’s sensitive card data. Intuit redesigned the card reader based on customer feedback asking for a professional, easy-to-use way to process payments wherever they are.

“What I like about the new reader is pretty simple,” said Dennis McGrath, owner of BBQ2U Catering in San Diego. “It’s sleek and fits on my smartphone – even with the case on it. The groove is angled, so swiping the credit card feels more natural. The new design helps it fit snugly on my phone so it doesn’t swivel when I’m swiping a card.”

GoPayment helps users never miss a sale by easily processing payments on their smartphone or tablet. It’s ideal for mobile retailers or service providers, such as caterers, photographers, hair stylists, locksmiths and landscapers. It’s affordable with a free app and card reader with competitive, pay-as-you-go pricing. Click here to watch a video about how GoPayment helps real business owners maximize sales. To learn more, go to:

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