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New Google Voice Widgets for Android

If you’re a serious Google Voice user, then it follows that you have an Android phone. If you are the exception to the rule in that you live or die by Google Voice yet don’t use an Android phone, then your life is overly complicated when it needn’t be. Google Voice is what marries me to Android. Plain and simple. The tight Google Voice integration is Android’s greatest asset. And every time Google sweetens the deal with extra Google Voice tricks and tweaks, I am even more beholden to it. So, today I rejoiced at the news of a Google Voice update, replete with two new home screen widgets. They provide users quicker access to the free SMS capabilities. If you’re a heavy texter, then the “compose” button is your new best friend. Previously, initiating a Google Voice SMS was several taps away. There’s also a “do not disturb” button that sends all calls to voicemail. My only complaint is that these buttons cannot be added as widgets individually, as I only have a need for two of them. But it’s a small price to pay for the added convenience. The widgets don’t take up much real estate as they are sized at 3×1, but if you use a third-party launcher you can stretch things out a bit. Don’t have Google Voice yet? What are you waiting for?