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New HDWobble Shows The Power of WM

There’s a new version of HDWobble out (remember,this is the app that lets you make still images get a little jiggle to them in just the right places:)) But before we get off topic, the real beauty of this release is the ridiculous 3D\gsen image viewer that’s been incorporated into the app. It really shows off what’s possible on WM using OpenGL. Just take a look at it in action:

Really impressive work. That alone is worth the price of admittance. Of course, this is only part of the app. The other part is the wobble part (warning, NTSW: not safe for wives:))

The latest version is available at 1800PocketPC. I believe you will need a Leo/HTC HD2 since this is likely using OpenGl ES 2.0 so you cannot run it on older WVGA phones.