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New Version of McAfee Mobile Security Out Now

I don’t know about this, I’m not one for anti-virus on my tablets of phones, I just don’t think it’s really needed yet and I don’t want something like this running all of the time to drain my battery even faster. I think you just need to pay attention and be careful as to what apps you download and you’ll be ok. Obviously stay away from pirated stuff, but really pay attention to the names and the developers names of apps so you don’t download a malware laden fake app. Still if you insist on anti-virus then check out the new McAfee.

McAfee today announced enhancements to its McAfee® Mobile Security software, providing Android smartphone and tablet owners with additional privacy features that help them ensure apps are not accessing their personal information without their knowledge. This new offering gives consumers access to an added layer of protection to preserve their privacy and protection against financial fraud, identity theft and viruses. McAfee Mobile Security includes App Alert technology—the only technology on the market to go beyond just reporting app permissions. It also checks against a URL reputation database, part of McAfee’s Global Threat Intelligence Network, and reports the apps that are associated with and/or may be sending personal data to risky sites, such as adware and spyware networks.

“Android apps can ask for 124 types of permissions—these apps could be invading your privacy and exposing your personal life”

The use of mobile apps is increasing in parallel with the increased use in mobile devices. Earlier this year, Google estimated 20 billion apps had been downloaded on the Android platform and according to a recent report by comScore on mobile social media usage, 33 percent of apps ask for more permissions than they need. The Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences University of California at Berkeley report on Android Permissions found that 97 percent of users don’t understand how permissions correspond to the risks of an app. In addition, McAfee Labs has discovered approximately five percent of apps in its database are associated with risky URLs. Once permissions are granted, they can invade the user’s privacy and expose their personal life.

“Android apps can ask for 124 types of permissions—these apps could be invading your privacy and exposing your personal life,” said Luis Blando, vice president of engineering, McAfee. “With McAfee Mobile Security, consumers can now filter their App Alert notifications to just those apps that are using permissions of interest or concern to the user. Whether selecting new apps, shopping online, browsing social networks or employing mobile banking, McAfee Mobile Security protects the mobile user with security that is as simple as it is powerful.”

This summer alone, McAfee has seen an increase in threats targeting Android devices. The Android operating system continues to be the most popular target for writers of mobile malware—including SMS-sending malware, mobile botnets, spyware, and destructive Trojans. To stay safe from malicious apps, users should research apps and their publishers thoroughly and check the ratings before installing. They should also purchase their apps from a well-known reputable app store market, watch for permissions (stay away from installing apps that don’t look right) and install antivirus software on their phone.

More than 150 Million Handsets Protected

McAfee has more than eight years of experience in mobile security and has had more that 150M handsets protected by its mobile security solutions. Released earlier this year, McAfee Mobile Security was the first mobile security app to combine antivirus, anti-theft, Web and app protection, call/SMS filtering and protection from potentially unwanted programs. It also recently surpassed one million downloads on Google Play.

McAfee has further cemented its leadership position with many of the principal figures in the mobile industry in order to continuously provide users with confidence to explore everything the new mobile world has to offer. To date, McAfee has signed close to 90 mobile partnerships, including Fujitsu, Lenovo, NTT Docomo, Sharp, Singtel, SoftBank, Sprint, Reliance, Vodafone and several others. McAfee SECURE app-scanning technologies have also been successfully deployed in app stores, adding a crucial layer of application security that helps vendors provide customers a safe app experience.


McAfee Mobile Security software is available from Google Play and McAfee for $29.99 USD. The software is also available via McAfee All Access, a suite of products that helps consumers to connect, surf, and socialize online, knowing their computer, laptop, netbook, smartphone and tablet is safe.

For more information on McAfee’s consumer to enterprise mobile security offerings, please visit