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News for August 7th 2010



Good Morning everyone!  It’s time for some more news from sites around the world!

Storage Related:

G.SKILL Phoenix Pro 240 GB SSD


Brief: G.SKILL’s Phoenix Pro 240 GB offers a huge amount of extremely fast solid-state storage that goes well beyond ‘boot drive’. It also features the latest Sandforce SF-1222 controller in a tweaked version that allows up to 50,000 IOPS which is a solid step up from the 20k of the normal consumer version.


Crucial RealSSD C300 64GB Review @

“The RealSSD C300 is Crucial’s current flagship SSD and comes in 256GB, 128GB and 64GB flavours, the latter of which we are reviewing today. The unique selling point of the C300 is its Marvell controller which is the first to offer a native 6Gb/s SATA interface.”
Direct link:


Mushkin Callisto Deluxe 120GB Solid State Drive
QUOTE: “If you don’t follow the SSD market like a hawk you may have missed Mushkin’s recent rise to fame. Mushkin was the first SSD maker to announce, release, ship, and sell an extended capacity SandForce SF-1200 based SSD. At the same time I was writing about OCZ’s Vertex 2 E, one of only a few in the country, Mushkin already had drives at Newegg and selling them at prices lower than anyone else’s pre-MP2 releases.
Today we will be looking at Mushkin’s 120GB Callisto Deluxe that should offer, as the product name suggests, performance straight from the stars. It just so happens that Mushkin now has their foot in the revolving door and the Deluxe pricing is putting on sunscreen for its time in the sun.”


Patriot Inferno 100GB SandForce SF-1200 SSD Review @ Legit Reviews
Article URL:

“While the performance of the Patriot Inferno 100GB SSD is nothing we haven’t seen from other drives featuring the same SandForce SF-1200 series controller, the inclusion of the adapter plate and generous five year warranty do help make the Patriot Inferno a compelling choice among its competitors. Those that like PC bling will also appreciate its unique styling which definitely makes it stand out in a windowed chassis…”


Super Talent Express USB 3.0 Flash Drive.

Lets face it, USB 2.0 flash drives just don’t cut it anymore; everyone wants bigger, faster and better options which only USB 3.0 can provide. For the average consumer who wants more speed than USB 2.0 flash drives can offer, but doesn’t want to spend an arm and a leg, Super Talent has line of flash drives which comes with a more value orientated price: the Express. So how much speed does this reduced MSRP get you and is there any downside to it? Read on for my full review.


Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk 3TB External Hard Drive

Quote:  One of Seagate’s most recent innovations is the GoFlex system, which allows users to customize a hard drive with the connection that best suits their needs. While the connection options are interesting, the storage capacity is also very impressive. Pushing the storage limits ever higher, Seagate has released a new 3TB external hard drive… the FreeAgent GoFlex Desk.



Audio / Video:

Jays a-Jays Three Review
“Swedish-based Jays launched its a-Jays series of earphones this past March, offering a trio of different offerings: the a-Jays One, Two and Three series. They all come with 8.6mm drivers, but offer little extras as you move up the line to the more expensive model. For example, the a-Jays Three come with flat cables and airline splitters. Priced at $60, we take a look at the a-Jays Three in this review.”
Link to the review:


Viewsonic VA2323wm 23 Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor

Quote:  Overall, I like the Viewsonic VA2323wm 23″ widescreen LCD monitor very much. The picture quality is excellent and this refurbished model is in such great condition that it could pass for new. The 23″ screen was an upgrade from my precious 20″ monitor, and while it may sound silly to say, that extra 3″ really does make a difference.


ASUS Xonar DS 7.1 Audio Card @ PureOverclock

Review URL:

“Although probably best known for manufacturing top notch motherboards and graphics cards, ASUS also produces a line of sound cards as well. And if their success in other product markets is any indication, we have high expectations of their audio lineup as well. But today marks a bit of a departure from the premium, flagship products we normally see from ASUS. Instead, we’re looking at their entry-level sound card, the Xonar DS PCI 7.1, a rather diminutive card which promises to bring some great value to consumers with modest budgets.”


HP De-branded 25-inch HD Widescreen LCD Monitor Review @

Review URL:


Quote: “There are oh so many monitors to choose from these days. Looking for the right monitors that suits your individual needs can be tricky, what with so many different features, styles, and finishes. Today we will be looking at a De-branded HP 25” HD-LCD Monitor. This monitor has some pretty impressive features; one example is a 1920×1080 resolution allowing you to have full 1080p, unlike those fake HD monitors. It’s also packed with a 3ms response time and a contrast ratio of 60,000:1. I for one am very excited to test this Monitor.”


GoPro Motorsports HERO Wide Action Camera Review @

Quote: “There is one problem however with all of the video cameras out there and that is the question of mounting them.  People who live active lifestyles always have the issue of finding a suitable solution of mounting their video cameras.  The manufactures either do not offer mounting kit for a variety of applications or the device is too big to be mounted.



Samsung 46″ Series 5 LED TV 46C5000 Review at CCER
Quote: I would consider the 46C5000 as the entry model for this year, there exists a C4000 but with a 32″ panel I hardly consider it a TV. That said even though the C5000 is entry, it won’t disappoint. It manages to pump out a consistent and stunning picture for all your media at any angle you want to watch the TV at. The C5000 is a great place to enter the market at to replace an aging TV without having to deal with fancy features you likely won’t need.





Mobile Related:


Scosche flipSYNC – USB 2.0 Charge and Sync Cable for iPod & iPhone


Quote: Have you ever come across a product and thought – that’s a simple idea, why didn’t I think of it? Todays review item falls into this category. The flipSYNC is a USB 2.0 charge and sync cable for the iPod and iPhone. What differentiates it from other cables is that you can attach it to your keychain making it easily available and nearly always on your person.


Motorola Droid X vs. Samsung Fascinate (Galaxy S)
“Your search for the best 3G network brought you to Verizon. Your search for the best operating system on Verizon brought you to Android. Your search for the best Android phones on Verizon brought you to the Droid X and Samsung Fascinate.”
Link to the article:


Alienware M11x R2 Review @
“On our test bench today is Alienwares new M11x, an 11.6 inch laptop featuring Core i5 CPU and Nvidia Optimus technology. We will be putting it through a selection of real world tests including StarCraft 2, media transcoding and HD playback to establish how good it really is.”


Samsung Wave S8500 Smartphone Review on Technic3D


Translation Link:
Quote: “The Samsung Wave S8500 Smartphone arrived Technic3D. The Wave is indeed the S8500, the first handset to receive Bluetooth SIG certification for the new Bluetooth 3.0 standard. Besides Bluetooth, the Wave will offer a 3.3 inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display, five megapixel camera with autofocus and flash, 720p video, DivX support, 2GB internal memory with microSD expansion, HSDPA connectivity, Wi-Fi, 1 GHz processor, 3.5mm headphone jack, aluminum body, 1500 mAh battery, and the Bada OS with Touchwiz 3.0. We will check the Feautures in the following Review on Technic3D.”


MSI Wind U160 Review @ KitGuru


The netbook phenomenon has exploded in recent years with almost every major manufacturer entering into this lucrative market. MSI were one of the pioneers with the 2008 Wind U100 selling en masse to a cost conscious audience. I had one of these units for 9 months and I have to say it was a reliable netbook, even if it was slow as molasses.

The Wind U160, their latest netbook was released months ago and has taken the clunky original design and turned it into a svelte unit which exudes class and will appeal to an audience also concerned with appearance.











Read the review here:



Samsung R780 17-Inch Core i5 Notebook Review

Not everyone who has a notebook is interested in taking the computer with them on the road. Instead, they just want the flexibility of using the laptop in any room in the home, operating as a desktop replacement more than anything else. Samsung’s Core i5 powered R780 seems geared towards that crowd. While far from being a high-end gaming rig for hardcore gamers, this 17.3-inch notebook PC is no slouch in the specs department either. And it has an attractive sub $1000 price point to boot.

Direct Link:


Choiix Power Fort Portable Charger.

“The Choiix Power Fort hopes to provide a solution to the chronic dead battery issue. The Power Fort is a pocket sized rechargeable battery that outputs power through a USB port. Because the majority of mobile electronics either arrive with a compatible USB cable or charge off of a USB variant (micro and mini cables are included in the package), the Power Fort should be compatible with a huge range of portable electronics.”

Direct Link:


TechSpot’s Laptop Buying Guide: Third Quarter 2010

When shopping for a new laptop it’s important to know beforehand what kind of use you plan on giving it. Whether you want a multimedia or gaming powerhouse that’ll only occasionally move from your desk, or something that hits the sweet spot between performance and portability, there are plenty of good options if you know what to look for.




Assorted Stuffs:

Win a GeForce GTX 460 or a copy of Metro 2033

Want to win a GeForce GTX 460 or one of 18 copies of Metro 2033?  Why not enter our hardware photography contest?  Submissions will be judged on creativity and overall picture quality, so you don’t need fancy hardware to shoot.  We’re accepting submissions for the next week.


Apple Magic Trackpad Review:

Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs has a history of showcasing new Apple hardware on stage, generally during one of their highly watched press conferences at WWDC or elsewhere. This gives Steve the chance to demonstrate a new product in front of millions watching around the Web, so that everyone “gets” what a new device is for. In fact, we cannot recall the last time Apple introduced a completely new piece of hardware without showcasing it first. But that is exactly what has occurred with the Magic Trackpad…


Folding@Home Contest to Help Fight Cancer @ Bjorn3D

As some of you may know my daughter Stephanie (15) has Hodgkin Stage IVB Cancer. She is still battling it as there no cure for Cancer at this time. But she is with us and that is a lot to be said since they said in January 2009 she had less than 2 months to live. So I am holding another Folding@Home contest here at Bjorn3D for the month of August.
The grand prize winner will get a XFX ATI 5670 graphics card and a copy of Just Cause 2 PC game. Nine other runner ups will also get a copy of Just Cause 2 PC game.


TRENDnet 24-port 10/100Mbps TE100-s24g GREENnet switch @ TechwareLabs

Quote: Whats big fast and green? No, its not some new super hero, but a it is a super switch. While the color itself is black the new TE100-S24g switch from TRENDnet utilizes "GREENnet" technology to reduce power consumption by up to 40%.


Edimax AR-7284WnA Router Review  @ XSReviews

Review Link:

Quote: “Over the years Edimax has built up a pretty respectable name for themselves as producers of good quality products for a reasonable price. However, despite them being a site sponsor this is the first time we’ve taken a look at their hardware head on. No rose tinted spectacles here folks. Today we’re looking at the catchily named AR-7284WnA. Let’s see what it’s all about. ”




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