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News for July 6th 2010

Looks to be that time again, time for the news from around the

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend and you’re now settling back in to your jobs.. Not fun going back to work is it? But look at it this way, it’s Tuesday so you’ve got a short work week right?

I don’t know what’s going on right now with me, I’ve got a lot of stuff coming for review, it just has to get here for me to review it.. The holiday weekend kind of messed up the shipping of everything, people taking days off, how dare they, I’ve got work to do! Anyway, in the mean time I might check out a couple more video convertor programs though, it’s been a while since I’ve looked at any of those.. Get the old trusty Stargate DVD out… For now, read on for the news..




Storage Related:

Article Name: Super Talent USB 3.0 Express Drive Flash Drive Review @ Tweaknews
Article Url:
Article Snippet: "Try as I might, there’s really nothing negative to say about Super Talent’s USB 3.0 Express Drive . It’s the same convenient, portable USB flash storage that we’ve all become accustomed to, but with the added benefit of performing up to ten times faster thanks to SuperSpeed compatibility."


Crucial PC2-5300 2Gb SODIMM.

" If you want to upgrade the memory of your netbook, do it now with these 2Gb SODIMM memory modules from Crucial. They’re affordable, compatible with most netbooks and comes with life time warranty. Trust me, your experience when using your netbook with 2Gb of ram installed, will never be the same."
Read the rest of the review here …


Crucial RealSSD C300 64GB review
Review URL:
"..As we previously mentioned the 64GB drive is not offering a blazing writing performance. But if you need a quality SSD boot drive and aren’t planning on writing huge amounts of data to it on a regular basis, the Crucial RealSSD C300 64GB is recommended… "


AIC MiniBOD-T082 8-Bay 2.5-inch JBOD Enclosure
QUOTE: "Many things come to mind when we think about portable storage; USB pen drives, USB external drives and maybe even some eSATA solid state hybrid drives if you have a taste for the exotic. None of these are going to cut it when other people’s money is on the line, because they should all be considered temporary storage. Valuable data should always remain in a redundant state, be that a NAS server or multiple copies kept on different devices.
Over the years we have covered devices that were designed with a broad range of users and a few that focus on specific users. The AIC MiniBOD is of the latter category and focuses on users looking for uncompromised performance when dealing with valuable data and making that data available on the go in other locations. I could come up with several scenarios where the AIC MiniBOD would be a perfect fit for professionals, but instead of just coming up with one I will share a time in my life when the MiniBOD would have been very useful."


Crucial Ballistix 1600mhz & MOD Review.
Quote: Today we take a look at the latest in the long Ballistix range of RAM from Crucial.


OCZ Enyo 128GB USB 3.0 Portable SSD @ Techgage


Quote: "Fast". It’s a word that can be explained in a billion different ways, but one of my favorites is to talk about the potential of OCZ’s Enyo SSD. As a portable drive, it delivers mind-blowing performance, at up to 200MB/s for both the read and write, and as an added perk, it’s small, stylish, and priced surprisingly well.



Audio / Video:

: Lensbaby Composer & Fisheye Optics

Most babies are cute, but I’m not sure that such a statement could be applied to the Lensbaby. It’s a rather odd looking affair that takes certain visual cues from a universal joint. Don’t be alarmed though, its appearance is integral to its operation. As stated before, adjusting the focal point on a flat plain is the Lensbaby’s primary effect.  To accomplish this one simply rotates the front part of the lens in a certain direction. As the front of the lens moves, so does the focal point. . .


Creative Labs ZEN X-Fi Style Portable Media Player Review

Whenever you start a discussion about MP3 players, you have to address the elephant in the room. Yes, we all know that the Apple iPod dominates this space, but that does not mean that we should ignore all the other options. Before you head out and blindly buy another iPod, maybe you should take a moment to look at the Creative ZEN X-Fi Style 8GB to see if it might work better for you. It’s meant to be an inexpensive, compact alternative to something like the iPod nano. Let’s check it out!

Direct Link:




Mobile Related:

Review of Two iPhone 4 Silicone Cases

Today I will be looking at two silicone OEM cases from USBFever – the Rubberized Silicone Case for iPhone 4 and the Ultra Slim Silicone Case for iPhone 4. These two cases are not meant for high fashion or to protect from severe impact but to keep the iPhone safe from scratches, dust and bumps. Both are similar in style and fit the iPhone 4 nicely.



Macro Lens for iPod, iPhone and Cell Phone Review

Up on the review block today I’ve got a little macro lens from that can be used with anything that has a small lens like an MP3 player, phone or even your netbook or laptop and the hand held style video cameras. It’s an interesting little gadget, and it does work well to help focus on the macro level. Read on to learn more..



Apple iPod nano 5th Generation 8GB Review @ MobilityDigest


Quote: "Today for review has sent me over the Apple iPod nano 5th Generation. This new nano comes complete with a larger screen, video camera and a few other differences to the software when compared to the previous nano 4th. The one I got from Geeks is a refurb or used unit but it looks like new. "


Speck Products AftPack Backpack Laptop Bag

Today for review I’ve got a big bag from Speck called the AftPack BackPack, plain and simple it’s a laptop bag for up to a 17” laptop. The AftPack has got a ton of pockets and little compartments, more than enough space for you take a whole lot of stuff with you. The pack features a lot of padding, not only for you laptop but for your back as well, the back panel is padded and the straps themselves are very thick with padding.  For the price it’s not a bad bag at all, it’s well made and had a lot of room for everything you need, so read on to see a lot of pictures and learn a bit more about the AftPack from Speck.



ASUS U30Jc 13.3-inch Notebook
QUOTE: "I’m never sure why some of the notebooks that perform the best aren’t exactly good looking. Some of the good performances tend to be chunky notebooks that are not as easy on the eyes as some of the thinner machines with less power.
Today I am checking out the sexy little ASUS U30Jc notebook. The little machine is clad in shiny aluminum and has a very thin profile. That shiny aluminum and thin profile means that the machine looks very good and ASUS has put some nice hardware inside the attractive machine as well."


LapWorks iPad Recliner Review @ Virtual-Hideout

Review link:

Quote: We all knew that when the Apple iPad was announced, there was going to be tons of accessories come down the line, just as was the story with the iPod and iPhone. With the iPad being touted as not only a productivity and multimedia consumption device, but also an e-reader, we could assume that accessories that prop, slant or otherwise hold your device at a certain angle would be forthcoming. Today I have for you one such device; the LapWorks iPad Recliner ($34.95). This is an adjustable stand capable of holding your iPad (or other similarly shaped device) at different angles for your reading pleasure.”




Assorted Stuffs: Prize-A-Day Giveaway Sweepstakes
15 – $100 Geeks virtual gift certificates
Grand Prize: $500 Geeks virtual gift certificate


Microsoft SharePoint 2010


Snippet: “As well as addressing the many shortcomings of the ageing 2007 product, SharePoint 2010 equips the platform well to cope with new technologies and the ever changing IT landscape. Alternatives may have started to overtake it, but the new release more than restores the balance in Microsoft’s favour. For new customers and those looking to develop or enhance existing applications it’s a natural choice, although those happy with what they’ve got might want to postpone upgrading until they have a real need for the new features. Either way, SharePoint 2010 makes even more sense than ever and should be one of the first platforms considered for any Web collaboration project.”


HIS Mega Competition – Win a MESH EyeDefinition PC

Working with HIS and MESH, KitGuru is offering readers the chance to enter a competition and win a powerful gaming PC, complete with 3 HD screens. Entries must be received before 26th August 2010.

Enter the competition over here:


Article Tip – PS3 Slim


Repairing a Broken GRUB 2 Boot-Loader on Ubuntu @ Techgage
Quote: There’s no question that GRUB 2 brought on numerous improvements over earlier versions, but it also introduced a small downside… a relative overhaul to how things are done. There are no more menu.1st (or similar) files that keep a simple configuration, nor are all of the commands the exact same at the command-line. You might have been an expert with GRUB 0.x, but you’ll still face a small learning-curve with GRUB 2.


Dell 6-Core Studio XPS 7100 Review:

Dell recently sent us one of their new Studio XPS 7100 desktops built around AMD’s recently launched Phenom II X6 1055T processor. AMD’s hexa-core chips don’t pack the same punch as Intel’s six-core architecture, but the upshot is you’ll save a king’s bounty by riding into the sunset with AMD, and in this case, with Dell as well. The configuration we’re looking at runs $1,450 (currently on sale for $1,150), with lesser spec’d six-core rigs starting out at $699. To put that into perspective, Intel’s sole six-core offering — the Core i7 980X — commands about a grand just for the processor alone…


CoolIT ECO C240 ALC contest at DV Hardware

DV Hardware teams up with CoolIT Systems to give away the ECO C240 A.L.C. liquid cooling system to one lucky overclocker! Participating in the contest is quick and easy, we don’t require you to post a gazillion posts on our message board, all you have to do is send an e-mail to our contest address.



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