In an unexpected move, Google announced a “Google Edition” Samsung Galaxy S4 at their IO event. This would be a streamline version of the device running only android, no UI overlays or enhancements. Before the news could full set in, wishes and rumors of a HTC One version started to fly. Low and behold, the HTC One Google Edition!

The HTC One will get almost the same treatment as the SG4, it will be SIM unlocked, bootloader unlocked and the 32BG version of the phone. However, the HTC One Google Edition will still feature the Beats By Dre software, which is not a bad thing at all. You can expect it to receive updates hot off the press from Google as well, which is a win! Priced at $599, it’ll be available on the Google Play store June 26th.


  1. So… no “blinkfeed”? I thought this (very obvious gank from WP) was one of the main highlights of the One…?

  2. If these sell better than expected I hope it will make companies rethink the need to deviate from this “experience.” Watch out for those excessive linking penalties…

  3. But if they don’t skin there’s really no need for the vast majority of them to even offer android devices.
    LG just said they won’t offer another Nexus device because they can’t skin. Which I guess to them is the only shred of identity, and differentiation they have to offer on android.

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