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NFL PLAYERS Partners with Coveroo

Need a cell phone case? Like football?  Coveroo has got you covered! Personally I wouldn’t want a football player on my phone, but hey that’s just how I am. I prefer a clear covering like BodyGuardz, or if I’m going to use something I’ll use a skin with more of a theme that I like.

Featuring players from every team, the latest designs include a mock jersey, including the player’s number and last name, famous photographs/silhouettes and the signatures of all 158 athletes. Prices start at $19.95.

To get a Coveroo case, customers select their phone type at, then choose from more than 3,400 designs or send in their own design. Coveroo will customize the cover or case and ship it within 48 hours. Customers do not have to send their phone to Coveroo.

For iPhones and other devices without removable covers, Coveroo customizes high quality cases manufactured by reputable brands. For devices with removable covers such as Blackberry phones, Coveroo customizes and replaces the original backs or battery covers so the design becomes an interchangeable accessory and without adding bulk.