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NightStand – Another Goodie From Herm

NightStand is a nice little application that lets you use your phone as a classic digital alarm clock that’s easy to read when you’re groggy. As you can see, you get a large digital clock and you can set it to stay awake in dimmed mode overnight so it’s just like a classic digital alarm clock (in which case you should probably keep your phone plugged in). Of course, with Herm comes a ton of options. You can customize the color of the clock, choose from 8 alarm sounds, automatically run upon connecting to AC power, decide if you want the backlight to stay on overnight or turn off and a 24/12 hour setting and it includes a 5 minute snooze and a math problem required to turn off the alarm.  And for those of you with a TouchPro2/Tilt2 you’ll be glad to hear that it works perfectly with your tilted screen so it really makes a nice alarm clock. As expected from Herm you get a simple to use interface that works well. And this is a freebie but feel free to donate anyway:)

You can download here from XDA or here from Herm’s site. Very handy and very well implemented. Thanks again Herm!

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