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Nuance’s Dragon Go! Now Available for Android

Talking into your phone is one thing, but talking to your phone is another. I don’t get the whole fascination with Siri personally, I mean, I don’t want to talk to my phone I talk into it to talk to other people. Anyway, if you’re into that sort of thing, Android users can now get Dragon Go! and talk to their phone and ask it most anything. Dragon Go! gives consumers direct access to over 200 of the most trusted and reliable destinations for mobile content simply by using their voice – including AccuWeather,, Bing,, ESPN, Facebook, Fandango,, LiveNation,, OpenTable, Pandora ® internet radio, Rotten Tomatoes, Spotify, Twitter, Wikipedia, Wolfram|Alpha, Yelp, YouTube, Yahoo! and many others. Did I mention that it’s free!?



Dragon Go! features the largest direct-access content ecosystem in mobile today. Consumers can say virtually anything and immediately jump to relevant destinations. For example:

  • “What’s the best Thai food near me,” and be taken to the Yelp tab for local reviews, or flip over to the Phone tab to quickly call to find out about any specials on the menu that evening.
  • “Reservations for two at Slanted Door in San Francisco,” to be taken directly to OpenTable to book a table for dinner, or scroll over to the Maps tab to find out how to get there from where you are now.
  • “Show times for ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ to get to Fandango see show times, buy tickets, read fan reviews and see trailers, and then flick over to Twitter to see what other people are saying about the movie.
  • “Play ‘Paradise’ by Coldplay” to play and listen to the song on Spotify if you’re a mobile Premium user or, on your Coldplay station on Pandora. Users can also pull up the video on the Media tab.
  • “What is the formula for sulfur dioxide?” to compute the answer using Wolfram|Alpha’s vast knowledge in thousands of subject areas.
  • “Who was the most popular celebrity of 2011?” and get the answer from

“Dragon Go! has been incredibly successful since its launch on iOS in July, winning several awards and holding a 4.5 star rating among users. We’re delivering fast, direct and open access to content for consumers – it’s just a better way to experience the mobile web,” said Vlad Sejnoha, chief technology officer, Nuance. “Dragon Go! eliminates the intermediate steps typically required to reach desired web or app destinations. It’s only going to get better as we continue to expand partnerships and bring new features and more content tailored for Android consumers.”

Dragon Go! is available for free on the Android Market in the US in U.S. English.

Dragon Go! is part of the Dragon Mobile Apps family, which includes the FlexT9 application for Android, Swype, Dragon Dictation and original Dragon Search apps for iOS. To learn more about all of the Dragon Mobile Apps, visit