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Numpty Physics Ported!

Just over a month ago Steve made a plea to the developer of Crayon Physics to port it to WM and received a meh in response. Well Numpty Physics is here to the rescue (which is similar to Crayon Physics but open source). Numpty Physics is a strategy game with simple graphics. You need to use physics to complete a given task. It’s hard as hell:) Oops that was a spoiler I wasn’t supposed to give away:)  Each level has an objective and it’s not that simple to figure out parts of the game (like I said…hard as hell) but that’s what makes it challenging and fun. You use your finger to draw lines that leads to reactions. So to move an object you may want to draw a wedge and then circle the object you want to move and put a counterweight on the opposite side of the wedge to pull it up. If a level is too hard just go to the next one:) The controls are as follows:

UP – previous level
DOWN – Next level
RIGHT – restart animation
LEFT – seems to exit the game
centre button – undoes the lines you’ve drawn

If you need to practice on your desktop you can download it for your PC as well:) This is the work of cthulu for porting it and zwi and limestone for cleaning up the cab which made it install properly. The VGA version (works on the Diamond/Touch Pro/Fuze is available here while the QVGA version (Tilt) is located here. Great work all around guys!

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