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Obama Still Uses BlackBerry For Security Reasons

obama-blackberry Struggling BlackBerry will be happy to get some good news after nothing but doom and gloom and lackluster device sales with flagship Z30. Even as bankruptcy looms for BlackBerry they can still rest assured that they will keep at least one customer thanks to the US Government. That’s right the President of the United States, Barack Obama still uses his trusty rusty BlackBerry because of “Security Concerns” with iOS. The President today admitted his restriction to BlackBerry at the White House today talking about Obamacare with some “young people.”

I guess it makes sense that the government can’t get a website working then how are they going to roll out a new device for the President to use? Obama did admit he gets to use an iPad and his daughters use iPhones but for now he will be sporting his BlackBerry while Apple and Google both battle with the government to get their devices passed by their security concerns.


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