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OneNote comes to iOS

No the heading isn’t wrong OneNote has come to the iPhone.  Just like the Bing app, the OneNote app brings the Microsoft goodness to us iPhone users.  Let it be known that you must have or create a Live ID in order to use OneNote.  You can also sync your desktop OneNotes with your Live ID and Skydrive for a great and free sync solution.  At the time of this writing it is also stated on the iTunes page that the app is free for a Limited Time, so I suggest hopping on this one quickly in order to save some cash, for let’s say beer.  (Or Cap n’ for DSmith) 

Of course there are some little hiccups to this version 1 app.  Currently there are issues logging in for users, which I have also experienced.  Fear not the MS team are looking into the issue.  It took me about 40 tries to get logged in so keep trying.  Also some of my Note books are not showing tables with images properly instead it’s showing [table] tag.  So it seems like some parsing errors.  But again it is to be expected in a version 1 product.  The Bing app wasn’t perfect when it came out either. 

I am switching to OneNote after having used Evernote for a few months now.  I was able to switch my existing Evernote’s over to OneNote by using the Ever2One Converter

So if you have used the iPhone version of OneNote:

  • Have you been able to log in yet?
  • What do you think of the usability?
  • What is your note taking app of choice and how does it compare?

Please leave us a line in the comments with those answers, we want to hear from you folks.