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OnTrion Intros iHangy Smart Pen Cover for iPad

I stili can’t believe it’s called an iPad, it’s just such a goofy name. Now we have the iHangy for the iPad which is from OnTrion and it’s a case or cover that includes a multifunction stylus. The case is made to protect the back of the iPad that’s made of rubber coated plastic.

Having dropped $399, $499 or more to own one, every iPad user knows just how cost-prohibitive breaking their Apple device can be. Mobile phone and accessory manufacturer OnTrion® offers them additional peace of mind with its new iHangy™ iPad® Smart Pen Cover. Designed to protect the iPad’s underside, an area traditional smart covers often neglect, the iHangy™ iPad® Smart Pen Cover incorporates a pen holder and comes with an included suction stylus.

According to a recent “Time” magazine article, “Apple has sold a staggering 55 million iPads® so far” and there are forecasts “that the company could move 65.6 million units this year, alone.” Considering that the iPad 2 starts at $399 and the new iPad® retails at $499 and up, that’s billions of dollars users have invested in the device.

The iHangy™ iPad® Smart Pen Cover from OnTrion helps them better protect that investment. Constructed of durable rubber-coated plastic, when paired up with a traditional smart cover it forms a complete protective shield for their Apple device. An included suction stylus adheres to traditional ballpoint pens for dual functionality.

For more information on how to make your iPad® experience a less worrisome and more enjoyable one, contact OnTrion’s® Palki Kochar. To see all the iHangy™ iPad® Smart Pen Cover color choices visit

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