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OtterBox Armor Series Drop Proof and Dust Proof [video]

armor-series-otterbox-iphoneTwo weeks ago we got word that OtterBox was going to release the strongest case they have ever made for the iPhone. Called the Armor Series, they felt that it was the best, “Case Closed”. The iPhone 4/4S Armor Series is a waterproof case that is made from a Thermoplastic Shell. Precision fit to .003 inch to keep out even dust. Super strong with a stainless steel latch to make sure it doesn’t come apart. OtterBox aired this video to kick things off:

OtterBox is releasing a series of videos to demonstrate the toughness of the Armor Series and so far they have created two videos with two more yet to come. The new videos, called Dust Proof and Drop Proof, will precede the last two, called Crush Proof and Waterproof. If you are looking for the ultimate in iPhone case protection, stay tuned for more information on the Armor Series from OtterBox. I just hope they don’t stop at the iPhone and continue to make a wide range of Armor Series for different devices.

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