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OtterBox now available for BlackBerry Bold 9900 & Torch 9810

otterbox-blackberry-torch-9810BlackBerry users looking for a case to protect the new Bold 9900 or the new Torch 9810, need to look no further than OtterBox because they got you covered. Getting the star treatment in all three varieties, (Defender, Commuter, & Impact), the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930  will not die hard even for the most “die hard” BlackBerry owners. Also on the list of new OtterBox cases is the Torch 9810 getting some Commuter love.  Pricing stays consistent with all other device models, $49.95 for the Defender, $34.95 for the Commuter, and $19.95 for the Impact Series.

All of the OtterBox cases are excellent, but I still rely on the Defender to “defend” my devices from my own carelessness or misfortune. Need more information? Head on over to OtterBox for the skinny and to purchase.