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Ourcast Comes to Android

The weather, there’s tons of apps out there for it but none that are crowd sourced except for Ourcast and now you can get it on Android. It’s free and Ourcast forecasts weather down to the minute over a two-hour period at any location in the continental U.S.

Ourcast, Inc. today announced that it has launched a new version of its flagship Ourcast mobile weather app for smartphones using the Android operating system.

It is available for download now in the Android Market. In April, the company launched its first version of Ourcast for the iPhone.

The Android version of Ourcast, which works natively on Android devices, represents an important extension of the Ourcast brand. Ourcast is a pioneer in developing short-term rain forecasts, which can be used by anyone looking to stay dry and enjoy outdoor activities like running, sports and even commuting.

"Ourcast takes an important step today, providing real-time rain forecasts to millions of users of Android-powered smartphones across the U.S. Since the launch of our iPhone version in April, we’ve seen a high level of engagement from users who come back to Ourcast again and again to find out whether it’s going to rain or snow at their locations. While our statistical approach to short-term weather forecasting continues to deliver great accuracy, the new Android version greatly expands the Ourcast community, integrating them into the real-time weather reports that make Ourcast even stronger," said Mark Hohmann, co-founder and CEO of Ourcast.

Engaged User Base

Ourcast’s users rely on the app’s real-time, hyperlocal forecasts to help them plan a wide variety of outdoor activities despite potentially rainy weather conditions. The list of such activities is virtually unlimited but they include running, tennis, golf, walking children to school, commuting to work, coaching local sports and riding bicycles and motorcycles. Many users check in with Ourcast day after day, making real-time weather forecasts a part of their daily routine.

The social sharing features of Ourcast extend these activities to users’ friends and families via the information streams of social networks. Ourcast users can easily share their own weather information through Facebook, Twitter and via email from within the app. This provides important social interaction but, importantly, also strengthens Ourcast’s already highly accurate forecasting.

Proprietary Forecasting

Ourcast’s forecasts are based on statistical modeling that uses real-time radar data together with weather station readings provided by 20,000 volunteers across the U.S. through NOAA, Weather Underground and other sources.  When Ourcast users check in with their real-time weather reports, these reports are displayed immediately on the Ourcast map view as well as being integrated into Ourcast’s forecasts. The strength of Ourcast increases even further with the size of its community, making the Android launch a significant event for all Ourcast users.

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