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Palm’s WebOS Screenshots Looking Really Good!

webos-screenshot-sdk-8 Even through I think Palm is making a huge mistake by only releasing the PRE to Sprint, I think the PRE still has a good chance at causing the dominance of Apple’s iPhone some real problems. Not only is the Palm Pre a very sexy looking device with a 3.1” screen and a QWERTY Keyboard, it also comes loaded with Palm’s new WebOS Operating System. There are some Videos floating around that really get you personal with the PRE, but now we have some screen shots from the unreleased PRE from BGR via the Palm SDK.

So head on over to BGR to check out the rest of the screen shots and let us know what you think? Anyone out there kicking around the idea of owning a Palm Pre? I can tell you that I am warming up to the idea and definitely want to get my hands on this device to see all the hype for myself! Stay tuned for more news and release information!


webos-screenshot-sdk-7  webos-screenshot-sdk-14  webos-screenshot-sdk-5