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Panoramic Software Continues to Show Some Love for Windows Mobile

Most people have probably moved on from windows mobile, or are planning to relatively soon. Even if you’re a diehard like me, it’s not hard to see that the big boy developers have left us high and dry. If you’ve been waiting for that update from SPB Warehouse or SK Software for one of your favorite programs, you probably know by now that it ain’t happening. Some developers may even want to charge you for an update that will never come (*cough*cough-make sure you don’t have the auto-update option checked on any of your programs from Resco). But there is one commercial developer out there that I know of who hasn’t completely abandoned the winmo faithful: Panoramic Software. This week, they released two updates (one pretty big, and one a quick bug-fix) for their venerable Motweets software. The latest version is 2.1.1. It is available in a paid version and an ad-supported version (get the paid version; it’s just $3.99). This is the third or fourth update for winmo in the last year, as I recall. During that span, I don’t believe that any of the other commercial programs I use have gotten any updates at all (including a couple others from Panoramic).

The download and information about MoTweets for Windows Mobile can be found here: