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Pantech Breeze II Camera

Ok, so let’s take a look at the 1.3mp camera of the Pantech BreEZe II. The phone itself isn’t bad, it’s for AT&T and it’s one of you basic type phones and it’s a flip phone. I get a lot of phones and I thought making a small series of these types of things, I mean taking a look at just the cameras on the phones.. So here we go.. These aren’t meant to be huge in-depth articles, but just more of a quick look at the interface and some sample pictures.

Here’s some info about the phone:

A classic just gets better with age. Pantechs breEZe II is faster and gives users flexibility to browse the Web or manage email in addition to making calls and sending messages, thanks to AT&T’s high-speed 3G network. The front cover has three lighted indicators to quickly let you know if you have a new text, voice mail, have missed a call, or are running low on battery. As with the original breEZe, ease of use is key. Unique quick call keys make it EZ to access numbers you use most. The bright display, streamlined menus, and large keys are EZ to read. Use the Say a Command feature to make calls, address text messages, and look up contacts without scrolling through menus.

Here’s the phone itself:

Then here’s the camera, no there isn’t a flash on this phone:

Ok let’s look at the interface and settings first up:

Fairly basic stuff, easy to navigate menus, and it’s nice to see you can save to the external memory card.

Here’s a few pictures taken indoors from a couple feet away, with varying distances really to get it into frame:

Then here’s close ups:

Close ups aren’t the greatest but then there’s no Macro mode either on this camera..

and here’s the special effects:

I never understood the special effects things, I never use them, but I guess they’re neat..

For a 1.3Mp camera these aren’t bad really… not the best, but I’ve seem a lot worse from 1.3Mp cameras.

So that’s about it, I provide the information and you can form your own opinions…