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Pantech Launches the Vybe on AT&T for $30

So Pantech and AT&T have just launched a new phone, today actually you can get the new Pantech Vybe which is a being billed as a ‘quick messaging phone’ and it appears that it’s meant for those that care most about social media and messaging. Not a bad thing of course, lots of people have their lives revolving around social media and that’s all well and good but the phone is running Pantech’s proprietary operating system so I’m not sure how that works. The Vybe is a basic phone for sure but it has a 3.2 inch touchscreen with a slide out keyboard and social media shortcuts along with a 3mp camera. From the looks of the specs it’s an underwhelming phone, but then again it’s very inexpensive at $30 and it doesn’t seem to really do much expect social messaging and making calls.


Pantech Mobile, the innovative and leading wireless device manufacturer and U.S.-based subsidiary of Pantech Co., Ltd., announced today the launch of Pantech Vybe™, an affordable, easy to use quick messaging phone with a large touchscreen display, slide-out keyboard, quick camera button, social media shortcuts and the ability to customize multiple homescreens with favorite apps and web bookmarks.

Perfect for those who want quick access to messaging and social media in a fashionable, compact and sleek form factor, the Pantech Vybe will be available exclusively at AT&T stores nationwide and online at beginning Friday, May 23 for $29.99 with a new two-year contract. With low-cost monthly rate plans, the Pantech Vybe is an attractive and affordable option to add to a family plan.

In addition to offering a text-friendly phone at an affordable price, the Pantech Vybe’s features include: 

Slide-Out Keyboard

Large 3.2" Touchscreen Display with Three Customizable Homescreens

Quick Camera Button

Social Media Shortcuts

Say-A-Command Button

Pantech Mobile’s Dual User Modes


Additionally, the Pantech Vybe offers access to AT&T pre-loaded features and services, such as Mobile Web and Email with, AT&T Drive Mode®, AT&T Navigator®, AT&T Address Book, AT&T Family Map® and account management with myAT&T.

"We’re excited to introduce the Pantech Vybe, an affordable, feature-rich messaging phone with quick access to sharing messages, photos and social updates, ideal for young teens who want to stay connected to their family and friends," said Gary Cherner, President, Pantech Mobile. "At Pantech Mobile, we create wireless devices to make life easier and the Pantech Vybe is a great quick-messaging solution for socially-minded teens with parents that aren’t quite ready to let them own a smartphone."

Pantech Mobile devices can be found at AT&T stores and retailers nationwide. Boasting some of AT&T’s most unique cell phones, Pantech Mobile’s devices are innovative lifestyle products designed to keep consumers connected at all times. Whether zipping off a quick text to friends during a concert or updating their status with a clever video clip, Pantech Mobile products deliver state-of-the-art experiences for today’s on-the-go and constantly connected person.

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