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Patent No. 7,933,122 given to OtterBox’s Defender Series Cases

otterboxdefenderipad2I know the team at OtterBox are very proud of their cases and now can rest assured that their hard work and innovation will be protected from would be fraud artists trying to steal their innovation and sell it for their own gain. I have actually encountered some of these rip off Defender Series Case clones from my local AT&T Corp Store. I had sent a co-worker to AT&T to get a case and when she came back she had a cheap piece of crap version of the Defender that the AT&T Sales Person said was JUST AS GOOD!

Horrifying as it would seem I called and spoke to the manager and he said that AT&T instructs them on how to sell the cases and that these are just as good. Of course I tried to educate the Manager on the difference but it obvious that this guy was there to collect a check and could care less about learning his job and knowing what he was talking about.

Congrats to OtterBox for their patent and hard work on the Defender Series Cases. Now, where is the iPad 2 Defender OtterBox?

Patents Protect OtterBox Innovation

Fort Collins, COLO. – The issuance of United States Patent No. 7,933,122 is a victory for OtterBox® Research & Development Manager Alan Morine and the Colorado company’s 300-plus employees. The patent recognizes the innovations at the core of OtterBox’s Defender Series® cases for technology known in the consumer world as the most rugged case on the market.  Morine has patiently waited over the past 5 years for the official patent that protects his mastermind design.

“The issuance of this patent confirms that we have one of the most innovative products on the market,” Morine said. “And knowing our ideas are protected drives us to continue to push boundaries to determine new solutions.”

Morine’s design debuted on the OtterBox website in 2007, serving as the catapult to OtterBox’s success by grabbing the attention of original equipment manufactures (OEMs), distributors and carriers both nationally and internationally. To date, OtterBox offers more than 40 Defender Series cases to safeguard a variety of technology devices from Apple®, BlackBerry®, Motorola, Samsung, HTC, Dell, LG, Palm, Sony, Kimble, Amazon, Google, Barnes & Noble, Nokia, Trimble and HP.

OtterBox places great importance on safeguarding its intellectual property as the company grows.

“We believe competition is a healthy advocate for improved designs and processes, but the thought of others stealing our ideas is something we cannot allow,” OtterBox founder and CEO Curt Richardson said. “There’s plenty of room in the sandbox as long as everyone plays nice.” 

In order to protect the company’s intellectual property and encourage healthy competition, OtterBox lawyers are prepared to combat the imitation and infringement of OtterBox’s inventions by other case manufacturers as well as warn customers about purchasing copycats and alert stores selling knock-offs. With 76 issued patents and 70 pending patent applications, OtterBox will continue to pursue intellectual property registrations as additional designs and series are added.

“Patents like this will encourage others in our industry to innovate instead of following in our footsteps,” Morine said.

For more information about the OtterBox’s intellectual property and to report counterfeits,default,pg.html or send an email to